ecommerce apps to make selling online easierThere are hundreds of ecommerce apps available to make online retailing easier, and choosing the right ones can be your ticket to more sales. Whatever your business goals are – better profit margin, increased customer base, or managing a bunch of products – there’s an app (or ten) designed to tackle the task. Let’s look at a few ecommerce apps that will save you time while increasing revenue.


Apps to Help You Go Mobile

If you sell products on Shopify, eBay, Amazon, or one of the many others online channels, there is likely a mobile application that helps you manage inventory, sales, and order fulfillment from anywhere on a tablet or phone. The following are just a few:

  • Amazon – Use Amazon Seller to manage listings, fulfill orders, and respond to customers.
  • Shopify – With Shopify Mobile, you can receive alerts for new sales, manage listings, and fulfill orders, all from the palm of your hand.
  • WooCommerce –WooCommerce has an app for online retailers, but it only works for iPhones and iPads. It allows you to see products, orders, and sales. You can also find dozens of apps and plug-ins designed for WooCommerce users for everything from selling, to statistics, to shipping and payment apps.
  • Etsy – There are three apps available for sellers, buyers, and a mobile card reader that are free to download.
  • eBay – The mobile app offered by eBay allows you to list items, respond to customers, and see current and past sales.

Some of the marketplace apps include a bar code scanner that allows retailers to upload product information quickly and easily. You can also take advantage of ecomdash’s bar code scanner app for iPhones and Androids for free.

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Apps to Help Build a Mobile App

The above apps make it easy to manage your online business on a mobile device. Now we’ll look at a few apps that make it easy for your customers to buy products on their phones and tablets.

There are dozens of apps (free and paid) that will help you build a mobile app from the bottom up. They are all a little bit different. Make sure you choose one that creates an app that can be used by both iPhone and Android users. Here are five of the best app building apps:

  • Como – Designing an app is easy with Como and it integrates with PayPal, making it easy for you and your buyers to process sales.
  • BuildFire – Build an app for free on BuildFire and they promise to maximize sales for your business.
  • GoodBarber – With GoodBarber you have many themes to choose from, as well as low, flat-rate pricing.
  • AppMakr – With AppMakr you can build a mobile site for free and an app for Android users for only $1 per month (iPhone apps require that you upgrade to AppPro).
  • WordApp plug-in – If you use a WordPress website with Woocommerce, you can transform it into an app with this plug-in for free.

Having a mobile app won’t replace your website, but it offers your customers an additional way to visit and buy products.


Apps to Chat with Buyers

There are some great apps that help you provide buyers with the best customer service. Consider using one of the following apps to respond to your customers quickly using a chat feature:

  • Purechat – You can use Purechat’s basic plan for free and it covers multiple users.
  • Zopim – With Zopim, you can easily integrate with Shopify and it’s free for one user.
  • Casengo – With Casengo, you can connect with customers via WhatsApp.


Apps to Manage Money

Finally, there are some easy-to-use apps that help retailers manage money. After all, your business’ bottom line is your top priority.

  • PayPal – This app is a must for every ecommerce retailer. Not only is PayPal the most popular payment provider online, but it also offers sellers a mobile card reader for in-person sales.
  • QuickBooks Online – With the QuickBooks Online app, you can manage money on the go. Quickbooks apps also allows you take online and mobile payments.
  • Avalara TrustFile – As your business grows, save time with the Avalara TrustFile app. It makes sales tax reporting and tax compliance easy, and it integrates with most ecommerce platforms so data is uploaded automatically.

There is an abundance of ecommerce apps for online businesses today. If you aren’t taking advantage of some of them, your competitors may be capturing the attention of potential customers. From listing, selling, and fulfilling, to customer service and inventory management, the right apps are out there to help you stay ahead of competition.

These ecommerce apps will save time and help you stay connected with customers – all of which will boost sales and help your business grow.


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