Ecommerce blog ideas for summerSummertime is here and it’s time to highlight the warm months in your blog content. But where do you get new, relevant post ideas? Producing compelling content regularly can be a challenge, but we’re here to help. We’ve put together some ecommerce blog ideas for summer that you can start using now:


Clothing and Accessories

The summer offers a lot of opportunities for ecommerce apparel sellers as customers want to stay cool and fashionable.

  • If you sell casual clothing for families, you can offer advice about current trends in summer clothes. Provide top 10 lists in various categories including  swimsuits, tank tops, shorts, and cute sundresses.
  • Family clothing online stores can also blog about finding comfortable, cool attire for attending summer get-togethers and barbecues.
  • Do you sell accessories? If so, focus blog content on how to choose the right hat, sunglasses, or sandals for summer activities.


Vacation Essentials

Many families, especially those with children, take vacation during the summer months. Do you offer products that can be considered vacation must-haves?

  • If you sell clothing, tote bags, overnight bags, or luggage, consider providing readers with advice about how to pack more efficiently.
  • If your brand is popular with parents, give advice on traveling with children. Do you sell any products that will help keep children occupied on an airplane or in a car? If so, create lists of products by specific age groups that parents can consider for their summer trips.
  • If you sell beach gear like sunglasses, bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, beach toys, or umbrellas, you can offer tips about what to take to the beach this summer. You may also want to write fun, beach-themed posts like beach-hacks that will make the day exciting and safer, kid-friendly beach destinations, or must-have gadgets that are ideal for the sun and surf.


Games and Toys

Games and toys are popular during the summer months because kids are out of school and looking for things to do. Here are some ideas that will help keep them busy:

  • Every parent wants to get their kids away from TV and phone screens when they can. Post about activities and products that will encourage children to play outside.
  • If you sell pool or beach toys, posting about summer safety is a must. Using infographics to highlight the dangers and how to prevent them is a great way to catch the attention of your readers.
  • Shoppers like to see products in use. What better way to showcase games and toys than with  videos showing how fun they are?


Indoor and Outdoor Home Décor

What type of content can you use to encourage shoppers to buy home décor during the summer?

  • If you sell holiday-themed products, consider blogging about how to decorate the home and yard for graduation parties, 4th of July barbecues, and pool parties. Guides for hosting these celebrations are also useful – you can include tips for games, recipes, summer-themed music playlists, and so on.
  • Are there products that you sell only during the summer? You can create summer-themed product guides or catalogs that list your popular items. Guides with items like patio furniture, sunshades, umbrellas, outdoor mist systems, and light throw blankets and pillows with pretty, summery patterns for indoors are perfect for product guides.


Health and Fitness

Summer means warm weather and more outdoor activities, including exercising, camping, hiking, and swimming. How can you help customers get healthy and fit for swimsuit season?

  • If you sell sporting goods, fitness equipment, or weight loss products, post about the best ways to get swimsuit-ready, the best fitness apps and playlists to exercise with, and how to get a great workout outside of the gym.
  • Create how-to videos about health and wellness: how to use certain workout or camping equipment, how to make healthy smoothies, or how to meditate outdoors.
  • If you sell health products, write about different supplements or vitamins needed during the warmer months. Include ideas or recipes for healthy foods that don’t require cooking, so shoppers don’t have to heat up the kitchen.


Final Thoughts

Including summer blog post ideas in your content marketing strategy for the season is a great way to stay on top of current trends and reach customers. A content marketing strategy that includes topical blog posts can help increase traffic to your store. It also ensures that customers see your brand as relevant to their needs and that you value their business.

Syndication is your next step. It’s one thing to write it, now you have to market your content. Check out our post about social media marketing best practices to help get your content in front of your followers.

The blog ideas above are a jumping off point for your summer posts. Let us know how they work for your business and if you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments below.

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