ecommerce blog ideas for winter

As you prepare your inventory for the upcoming holiday season, you may not be thinking a great deal about your blog.

We understand¬† – this coming holiday season is expected to bring in unprecedented numbers, so we know you’ve been busy. However, sharing frequently on a blog or other social online platform is essential to building an online presence, getting in front of a bigger audience and keeping them interested.

Have you considered content (news, information, pictures, infographics, etc.) specific for the chilly winter months? Here are some blog post ideas that fall under some of the popular categories that retails sell within.



Can they serve a specific purpose this winter?

  • If you sell gardening tools- Post about how to prepare your lawn for winter months, how to protect flowers or trees in the cold, etc.
  • If you sell power tools-¬† Are there any “around the house” services to protect your house during the winter? For example, how to protect and doors from drafts, how to keep pipes from freezing, etc.
  • Do you sell car-specific tools and parts?- Write about how to keep your car running smoothly this winter, steps to take to prevent winter-related issues, etc.
  • Are there any steps that need to be taken to make sure your products operate at optimal capacity during winter months? Share tips on keeping tools and gear in great condition.


Art Supplies

What can buyers create this winter?

  • If you sell yarn- How to knit or crochet beanies, scarves, mitts, gloves, etc.
  • If you sell fabric- Do you have any good patterns to share? Tips on creating blankets, quilts, overcoats, etc.
  • Do you sell beads?- Talk about fun indoor activities to stay out of the cold. Jewelry making and simple projects for kids would be ideal.
  • What else do you sell? Be creative. Parents will be looking for fun activities their kids can do inside to keep them out of the cold. Come up with projects they can do together that involve your products.


Toys and Games

Which are the best ones to play indoors this season?

  • What are the top 10 indoor games this winter to keep warm?
  • Are there any outdoor games that you can modify for indoors?
  • Share gift guides- Top 10 gifts for active kids, top 10 gifts for creative kids, gifts for kids who love science, best games/toys that can be played with a parent (like puzzles, toy models, etc.).
  • Create a throwback for the parents- Consider the age range of your customers buying products. What were the most popular games and toys during their childhood? Link to today’s closest version for comparison. Will create nostalgia, and can encourage parents to buy for their children an item similar to what they had growing up.


Do you have any content ideas already, or do you still need help coming up with creative ways to talk about your products this winter? Let us know in the comments.

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