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[Case Study] Overcoming Complacency – How This Brother Sister Duo Achieved Their Dream of Business Ownership

Ecommerce case studyI’m not exaggerating when I say this: business ownership and success is within grasp of every single person with an internet connection.

The digital explosion has led to a buying population demanding the ability to purchase anything and everything online. Experts say we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg and ecommerce will continue to grow. Methods such as automated dropshipping and Fulfillment by Amazon have made running a successful ecommerce business simple, easy, and inexpensive.

If it’s so easy, how come more people don’t do it? The answer most often is complacency. Prospective business owners research their idea, maybe even save a bunch of articles and guides to get started, but ultimately choose to let their idea fizzle out rather than act on it.

How can you overcome your complacency to finally live out your dream of business ownership and financial independence? Read this Ecommerce case study and find out how to turn your business into a success.

Ecommerce Case Study – How Julie Kim’s Life Went from Stalling to Stellar

In 2014, Julie Kim was suffering from a bad case of complacency. Looking back, she describes it like a disease that was slowly eating away at her ambition, goals, and aspirations.

“The mornings were the worst,” Julie recalls. “I felt like I had to drag myself out of bed. It was like the weight of my unhappiness with my job was pressing down on me so hard, I barely wanted to move.”

Like many people, Julie had become disenchanted with the 9-5 grind. Her desk job paid well, but it didn’t provide a sense of challenge, purpose, or accomplishment. Because of this, Julie felt as if she was drifting through life like a zombie.

“Nothing exciting or fulfilling was happening during this time in my life. I don’t even remember much of it,” she said. “I drifted through my day job without any idea that life could be much different.”

Julie and her brother had discussed starting an ecommerce business numerous times, but neither could find the time or the drive to make it happen. What does it take to break someone out of the desk job trance? For Julie, the spark to finally pursue her dreams started with the unexpected illness of her father and the medical bills that came along with it.

“With the head of our household ill, my brother and I became driven to finally start something we always wanted – our online store on eBay and Amazon,” Julie said. “Stellar Shoes was born.”

Ecommerce Inventory Management Leads to Expansion, Revenue Growth

Some people have greatness thrust upon them. That was the case with Julie Kim and her brother. With their backs against the wall, they needed a new way to make money. Their response was to launch Stellar Shoes, an online store focused on footwear. But without ecommerce experience, they needed help.

To make Stellar Shoes a success, Julie sought out inventory control software to manage multichannel selling. The more avenues potential customers have to find your brand, the larger volume of sales you can expect. But it’s not easy. Data management, reporting, product creation, and virtually every part of your business gets tougher.

“It was a logistics nightmare for us at first. We were trying to juggle fulfilling orders from multiple channels manually. All it lead to was stress and angry customers,” Julie said. “We decided we needed to keep our customer and support team up-to-date on sales coming in through multiple channels. We realized to accomplish this, we needed a strong inventory management software system.”

That’s where ecomdash steps in.

“Ecomdash’s tools are thorough, but easy to use. It helps us consolidate our business needs and keep our inventory in check,” Julie said. “Eliminating the tedious work of managing our multiple channels by hand was a huge step in us scaling Stellar Shoes.”

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Julie also benefitted from having all Stellar Shoes’ sales data located in one place.

“Ecomdash keeps us in touch with our business no matter how big it gets with its analytics and reporting tools. We know longer feel like we’re making decisions based on guesses. We have accurate data to back up everything we do.”

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An Ecommerce Success Story Has a Happy Ending

So, how does the Ecommerce case study end?

“Even though things started out slowly, our online store managed to replace both of our salaries and financially help our family,” Julie said.

Thanks to having the drive to conquer complacency, and Ecomdash inventory control software, Julie Kim is the owner of a thriving business. No more Mondays dragging herself out of bed. No more going through life like a zombie.

“We have ended up with a business that has a deep interest for us and we feel thankful that we got to this point and look forward to how our store will grow and develop.”

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Dion Beary[Case Study] Overcoming Complacency – How This Brother Sister Duo Achieved Their Dream of Business Ownership

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