google customer review to increase conversion ratesOnline sellers should always be looking for ways to boost ecommerce conversion rates. Recent studies indicate that customers who view user-generated content such as customer reviews show a 133% higher conversion rate. Not only that, but consumers are likely to spend 31% more with a business that has excellent online reviews. Google understands the importance of customer reviews and has recently retired its Trusted Stores program to launch Google Customer Reviews, a new way for online retailers to gain customers’ confidence.

You may be thinking that Google already has customer reviews in search results – and that’s true, in a way. Users have been able to submit reviews on a business’s Google listing, but those are different than the Google Customer Reviews.


What is the Difference Between Google Business Reviews and Google Customer Reviews?

The main difference is Google Customer Reviews are reserved for ecommerce businesses. They are verified by Google to ensure that each review is left by customers who’ve actually purchased a product from that business’s website.

Google Business Reviews can be submitted for any business, and are not verified – anyone can post a review, whether they are an actual customer or not.


What is Google’s Customer Reviews Program?

Google Customer Reviews is a program to help online stores gather feedback from actual customers. Google’s is the intermediary in the feedback process – they ensure that all reviews come from actual customers. This guarantees that only legitimate, trustworthy ratings are provided for online stores.

There are four main features of Google Customer Reviews:

  1. Google Customer Reviews opt-in: Customers are offered to opt-in after checkout. When a customer agrees, they will then receive an email asking them to participate in a survey about their buying experience on your website.
  2. Customer Reviews survey: This is an optional questionnaire that allows your customers to rate their purchasing experience on your online store.
  3. Google Customer Reviews badge: This is a badge that identifies your store with the Google brand. You can display the badge, which has your rating score of 1-5 stars, on any page of your website.
  4. Seller Ratings: The reviews that are collected for your store contribute to your seller rating. A cumulative score will appear on your search ads, Google Shopping, and your Google Customer Reviews badges.


Benefits of Google Customer Reviews

As an ecommerce business owner, you will experience many benefits from using Google Customer Reviews, including:

  • Qualifying for seller ratings that appear in Google Search and Shopping ads.
  • Increasing click-through-rate and lowering cost-per-click in Google Search and Shopping ads
  • Gaining valuable reviews and social proof from satisfied customers
  • Improving brand awareness and increasing repeat customers

Those are all wonderful benefits, but seeing how it really works in black and white will help you understand just how beneficial Google Customer Reviews is for an online business. Here is a case study of an online retailer who is using Google Customer Reviews:


The Impact of Google Customer Reviews on Website Shopping Behavior

This specific online retailer experienced a near-immediate benefit from adding the Google Customer Reviews badge to the website. The reviews badge, which is displayed in the bottom right portion of a customer’s browser window, helped improve ecommerce conversion rates by 60%, and had a positive impact on several user behavior indicators.

To account for seasonality and in-week shopping patterns, we compared key performance indicators over 14-days to the same period the prior year (matching day of week):

Conv. Rate Transactions Revenue Cart Abandonment Bounce Rate
With GCR Badge 2.72% 20,981 $1,892,304 18% 32%
Without Badge (prior year) 1.70% 12,704 $1,047,191 24% 41%


We also compared performance to the prior 14-days to get a feel for more recent trends.

Conv. Rate Transactions Revenue Cart Abandonment Bounce Rate
With GCR Badge 2.72% 20,981 $1,892,304 18% 32%
Without Badge (prior period) 2.24% 17,201 $1,496,487 22% 36%


The Impact of Google Customer Reviews on AdWords Campaigns

By implementing Google Customer Reviews, we could take advantage of seller ratings in AdWords, which are one of the automated ad extensions that display an aggregate review score for your store (as pictured below):

adwords example


Here was the performance of the ads with seller ratings compared to the campaign averages over 14 days and 1M+ ad impressions:

Text Ad Type CTR Conv. Rate ROAS Revenue Cost
Ads with Seller Ratings 19.37% 5.17% 832% $564,899 $67,897
Campaign Average 13.26% 3.68% 602% $398,132 $66,135


As you can see, the results were quite noteworthy. The retailer was able to increase ecommerce sales, improve conversion rates, and get a much better return on ad spend.


How To Get Started With Google Customer Reviews

There’s no fee for the new Google Customer Reviews service, but you do have to have a Merchant Center account to enable it.

  1. Log into your Merchant Center account – or sign up if you don’t already have one.
  2. From the dropdown in the top right corner select “Merchant Center Programs.”
  3. Select “Get Started” from the Google Customer Reviews card
  4. Configure your account and accept the Program Agreement.
  5. Add the code for the survey opt-in to your website.
  6. Add the badge code to your website.



We hope this post helped show you one of the ways to increase sales for your online store. Once you try them, let us know how it goes!

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