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Inventory management can be complicated. That’s why ecomdash exists to make selling online easier. To help you out, we offer free webinars to help you learn inventory management best practices on your own schedule. You’ll learn the basics of ecomdash, how to quickly set up new products, how to sync your inventory to prevent overselling, and the fastest way to list your products to new channels and expand your store. Check back periodically for new webinars that’ll save you time and increase your sales.

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Exceed Customer Expectations This Holiday With These USPS Tips Join us and our friends, Pitney Bowes, as they explore the 5 W’s of USPS shipping and how to use the USPS to fulfill customer expectations this holiday season. In this webinar, we will cover:

1. How to use the USPS and still meet shipping expectations
2. Various shipping changes to expect this holiday season
3. Case study of one merchant who created exceptional customer service experiences using ecomdash and Pitney Bowes.
Oct 25, 20172:00pm EDT1 hour
Listing Tool Overview This webinar provides an overview of the ecomdash listing tool. Topics include creating listings, variation listings, and adding templates to listings.Nov 7, 20172:00pm EST1 hour
Dropshipping Overview Get an overview of dropshipping in ecomdash. Topics include how to set up dropshipping, inventory feeds, and order feeds. Nov 9, 20172:00pm EST1 hour
Shipping Overview Get an overview of the ecomdash shipping tool. Topics include The shipping process, how to add shippers, and how to create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels. Nov 20, 20171:00pm EST1 hour
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