ecommerce lately: april 2019

Now that the spring showers have disappeared, let’s review all the latest ecommerce news from April in our most recent Ecommerce Lately article.


Etsy’s Site Gives Sellers Problems

Etsy’s search feature created issues for both buyers and sellers as most of the results that show up were outdated products. Sellers also saw major delays in posting new or revised listings. Though Etsy “tidied up” the search results, some sellers believe there might be a bigger glitch at play.


Amazon Spooks Third-Party Sellers

Though selling on Amazon seems like the best way to reach your target audience, it might be time to place your eggs in other baskets. Third-party sellers are making less and less as they give a chunk of their profit to Amazon in advertisements and sales. With Amazon selling their own products now, the competition is nearly impossible to beat with using Amazon’s PPC program.


Amazon Plans to Close China Marketplace

Over the next 90 days, Amazon will close the marketplace and fulfillment centers located in China. They plan to focus their efforts on more profitable efforts as they’ve had a hard time making a splash in a very competitive pool of Chinese marketplaces.


Amazon Aids Small Businesses

Amazon added 50 new features to its marketplace all focused on helping small businesses succeed. With more than half of its products belonging to SMB’s, it only makes sense that Amazon will try to aid them in any way they can. Amazon states they’ve spent billions of dollars on these services and tools, including waiving the monthly FBA storage and removal fees and enhanced brand analytics.


Walmart Gets Involved With Fashion Subscription Boxes

Walmart just announced that they are partnering with Kidbox, a StitchFix made specifically for kids. Now, Walmart has a foot in the subscription-based fashion business without going through the hassle of starting their own.


Walmart Employees Robots

Human jobs are at stake as Walmart adds robots to their roster. These robots will be responsible for completing repetitive tasks such as restocking shelves or scanning boxes as they arrive. This new trend may result in knocking many minimum wage jobs out of the market.


Facebook Adds Voice Assistance

Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant devices have a new rival to worry about with Facebook is joining in on the trend. Their feature has yet to be released, however the team has been working on it since the beginning of 2018. The accessibility of this feature is unknown as of now, but new updates will be coming soon.


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