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As an online retailer, it’s essential to keep up with the latest news in ecommerce. With Ecommerce Lately, it’s easy to stay updated so you can focus on building your business! Let’s recap the most recent happenings in August.


eBay Sues Amazon for Unlawful Practices

Amazon plays the big bully once again. eBay is suing Amazon for creating fake accounts and recruiting successful eBay sellers through its platform. And this isn’t the first time things have heated up between the two companies. Last October, Amazon was accused of the same act, which is still in arbitration. Word is still out on when the never-ending feud will be settled.


eBay’s New Shipping Service Competes with Amazon FBA

eBay is launching its new “Managed Delivery” service next year. Like Amazon, the company plans to have its sellers store inventory in warehouses across the U.S. to make shipping more convenient and faster. eBay is offering to take responsibility for any products lost or damaged during delivery. Managed Delivery is ideal for small business owners looking to outsource shipping without Amazon’s help.


Shopify Creates a Customer Service ChatBot for its Sellers

Shopify storeowners can now answer any questions or concerns from customers as they shop on their webstore. Shopify Chat is free and will be displayed on every page of the retailer’s store. This chat tool also integrates with Shopify Ping, which makes it easy for sellers to communicate across multiple messaging apps.


Amazon Raises Seller Fees for French Businesses

To level out the amount of taxes paid by both large and SMB businesses in France, Amazon is increasing its seller fee by 3%. The new digital tax was passed after discovering the fact that much of France’s revenue results from “digital activities” and will only increase by millions each year. This has become a concern for not only French sellers, but U.S. sellers as well. Executives from Amazon, Google, and Facebook have testified this past Monday and suggested to address the taxation across the OECD.


Amazon Sellers are Teaming Up Against the Giant

Many third-party sellers have complained countless times about Amazon’s suspension policy and how Amazon competes with its own sellers. Some sellers have claimed “Amazon is not their friend” and how “…it just wasn’t a fair marketplace.” Sellers are currentlycontacting the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission to complain about Amazon’s practices.


Walmart Takes the Lead in Shipping Wars

Amazon and Walmart analyzed their earnings last month and received completely different results. Amazon’s earnings fell behind by 1.3% and has continued to decrease. Walmart’s earnings were above and beyond its expectations, with stocks increasing over 6%. Since then, the company has been able to reduce its variable costs per unit, raise gross margin, and expand the number of monthly users.


Sellers Raise Prices on Walmart To Avoid Losing Amazon Perks

Amazon is scanning price listings from various sellers and sending price alerts when a product is found to be priced higher on Amazon as opposed to other sites. If found, sellers are at risk of losing benefits such as Prime shipping, higher placement in the search results, and more. This system has raised the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust alarm. Having a hard time controlling your Amazon price listings?Check out this ultimate guide to repricing on Amazon.


3dcart Steers Clear of Fraud

Earlier this month, 3dcart announced its partnership with fraud protection company, ClearSale. Using machine learning and human expertise, this integration provides advanced card-not-present fraud protection as well as protection from fraud-related chargebacks. 3dcart sellers can focus more on growing their business without having to worry about suspicious fraud activity.


Walmart Is Looking to Cut Ties with ModCloth

Since the acquisition of ModCloth back in 2017, Walmart is currently debating on whether to end affiliations with the Los Angeles clothing brand. After receiving news about its predicted $1 billion loss, Walmart thought the quickest way to eliminate losses was to end business with ModCloth. ModCloth’s CEO, Silvia Mazzucchelli stated that the company has had its struggles in the past, but changes are being made in efforts to improve business.

The ecommerce industry was sizzling with news for the month of August. Which news article stood out to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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