ecommerce lately august 2020We’re approaching the end of summer, which means one thing for online sellers, the holiday rush is right around the corner! We expect to see last-minute developments from some of our favorite ecommerce companies. Not only has Walmart teamed up with Instacart to combat Whole Foods, but its subscription service will soon be released to take on Amazon Prime. There have also been some issues with shipping carriers amid COVID-19. Multiple companies are scrambling to meet demand in anticipation of a busy fall season. We’ll go over the most important stories from August in this issue of Ecommerce Lately.


Introducing Online Pharmacies

Companies all over the world are making the switch online. COVID-19 has forced industries to adapt to the recent ecommerce growth, and consumers are benefitting from it. One industry that we could see permanently online is Pharmaceuticals. E-Pharmacies allow people to obtain products without ever leaving their homes. No matter what’s being sold, we’re seeing advancements everywhere in the name of convenience.


Walmart CEO Excited For Plus

Walmart CEO, Doug McMillon, stated that Walmart Plus is a “compelling proposition”. The new subscription service is a direct competitor of Amazon Prime and there’s an opportunity to overtake the top contender. Walmart plans to use subscriber data to improve the ecommerce experience for both buyers and sellers. There is no set date for the launch but sellers can expect to reach Walmart Plus users before the busy holiday season.


USPS Causing Issues Among Top Brands

Recently, shipping carriers have run into delays caused by increasing demand for delivery services. Earlier this year, we saw some of the biggest companies struggle to meet shipping deadlines. Even products with Amazon’s signature “same-day delivery” tags were pushed back almost a month. Now we’re seeing similar problems with companies like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. If a solution doesn’t present itself in the next few months, ecommerce marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, and more could see some serious hurdles.


Walmart Is After Amazon’s Grocery Game

Walmart and Instacart are teaming up to offer same-day grocery deliveries to compete with Whole Foods. Instacart already had a hold on the online grocery delivery market but with Walmart’s inventory and nearly unlimited resources, the two plan on giving Amazon a run for its groceries – and money. As of now, the program is in trial and only offered to a few select states, but we anticipate a successful test.


Add “Great Price” Badge To Your eBay Listings

Online sellers can now list their products on eBay with a “Great Price” tag. The badge can be seen on the search results page, giving products more attention. This feature cannot be purchased so sellers with a low eBay reputation will have a hard time acquiring it. Above average and Top Rated sellers who meet criteria including positive selling history, competitive pricing, product demand, and others can use this tag.


Ecommerce Meets Science Fiction

Technology is taking over several aspects of ecommerce. Computer automations, package tracking, and even robotics are being used to improve the efficiency of online shopping. We’ve seen companies add robots to their fulfillment centers and we may even see some roaming city streets. No – they’re not on the loose. Delivery robots could make their way to your front door in the near future. If legislation allows it, companies like FedEx and Amazon will create their own versions to deliver small items like groceries and gifts.


The end of 2020 may determine a new ecommerce powerhouse. Walmart and Amazon are head to head in a match where consumers and online sellers are the real winners. Innovations ranging in size from Walmart’s subscription service to eBay’s product badge are arriving just in time for the holiday season. We’re excited to see what the rest of the year will look like for ecommerce store owners.

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