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With the holidays behind us, let’s review all the latest happenings from December in our most recent Ecommerce Lately article.


2018 Marks the Biggest Online Shopping Period Ever

Adobe Analytics claims that between November 1st and December 19th, $110.6 billion was spent online (breaking all past holiday sale records in the US). Amazon and eBay were at the top in sales (no surprise), as 1/5 of those surveyed projected buying three quarters of their Christmas gifts on these sites. Also, 58% of online sales were completed with a mobile phone. This change in shopping behavior is even more of a reason for sellers to optimize their websites for mobile consumers!


BigCommerce, WP Engine, & WordPress Join Forces

Combining content and commerce via WordPress has never been easier! BigCommerce now integrates with WordPress, a content management system, making it a breeze to produce ecommerce content for your ecommerce niches. WP Engine’s customers benefit through this match up as well, as it tested successfully on this platform, creating incredibly fast and secure ecommerce storefronts.


The Future of Walmart: Fridge Delivery

Walmart has taken grocery delivery to a whole new level, the fridge! That’s right, Walmart CEO plans to release a new delivery technique, where a Walmart associate wears a camera on his/her chest, brings your groceries into your house, and then puts them away for you. You can even watch the drop off from your iPhone to build trust in the delivery service.


Walmart’s Online Grocery Service in Japan

By partnering with Rakuten, the largest ecommerce site in Japan, Walmart has opened their first ecommerce store in Japan. This is a smart move on Walmart’s part, as Rakuten is already an established company with a massive market in Japan. Walmart has struggled to keep up with the Japanese market for years now, so this might be the change they needed!


Amazon Takes Advantage of Flex Drivers

For those unfamiliar with Amazon’s delivery services, Amazon uses their own in-house delivery service referred to as “Amazon Flex”. Similar to Uber’s advertising technique, Amazon promotes Flex Driving as having the ability to “be your own boss”. However, they don’t mention how they misled employees about providing benefits like insurance and retirement options. Flex Drivers are subjected to long hours, dangerous conditions, and no insurance! Amazon Flex Delivery benefits Amazon, not their drivers.


eBay CEO as Reddit Secret Santa

Devin Wenig, CEO of eBay, matched with a 25-year-old girl through Reddit’s Secret Santa program. With 33 pounds of gifts arriving at her door, New York resident Kaila Amador was speechless. Wenig really paid attention to what she wanted in her letter, and even donated to Kitten Rescue on her behalf. More executives join in on Reddit’s holiday fun each year, making strangers around the world come together for the holiday season.


India Focuses on Making a Fair Marketplace

India bans Amazon and Walmart from selling products for companies they have equity interest in. India doesn’t think Amazon and Walmart create a fair ecommerce marketplace, as they have exclusive agreements with their sellers (another thing India is taking away). These agreements allow these marketplaces to sell their products at extremely low prices that are seemingly impossible to compete with.


How did you do this holiday season? Any great tips or lessons you learned over the past year? Let us know in the comments.

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