january 2020 ecommerce news Happy New Year! You made it to the end of the holiday shopping chaos. We hope you were able to take a break, catch your breath, and maybe spend some time with friends and family.

To kick off the new year, let’s look back at December to see how far we’ve come. Here are all the latest updates in ecommerce.


eBay Removes Sneaker Fees

2020 is going to be a good year for all those sneakerheads out there. eBay plans to remove all fees associated with sneakers over $100. Get ready to sell your sneakers on eBay without the 10% charge. eBay hopes this change will generate a buzz and create a better community for their sneaker retailers.


3rd Party Retailers Sold 1B+ Items

Amazon sellers were busy this past holiday. Collectively, they sold more than a billion products on Amazon alone. That’s a LOT of packages to ship. While Amazon didn’t share any actual data, it did say this holiday season was “record-breaking” and that 5 million customers signed up for Prime memberships.


Driverless Delivery Trucks

Walmart sets its eyes on robotics to save on delivery costs for same-day grocery deliveries. It started a pilot program with Nuro, a company who builds self-driving cars. It’ll start testing in Houston and time will tell if it does so successfully.


Amazon Announces Fee Increases

Amazon announced increased fees starting on February 18, 2020 for storage, inventory removal, and more. If you have any inventory over 2 lbs that you were planning on removing, be sure to request so prior to February 18th!


Google Launches Popular Product List

Google released its own version of Amazon’s Bestseller list which features the top 100 popular items based on product searches. It’s a great tool to learn which products are trending along with gift shopping ideas for the trendiest people in your circle!

How did your holiday season turn out? Did you have a stellar Q4 or did you get bogged down with customer service inquiries and shipping woes? Let us know in the comments! Check here to see news for January 2020.

If you’re gearing up for a strong start to 2020, check out these 2020 ecommerce trends and the hottest ecommerce niches.


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