ecommerce lately february 2019

With the month of love behind us, let’s review all the latest happenings from February in our most recent Ecommerce Lately article.


Ambani Launches A New Ecommerce Portal

India’s ecommerce industry is making a wave. Mukesh Ambani, richest man in India, announced that two of his companies, Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio Infocomm, will both launch a new ecommerce portal that’s aimed to help over 1.2 million small businesses in Gujarat. Changing from offline to online retail is tricky as it requires a lot of time and attention. With only 3% of India’s overall retail sales coming from ecommerce, there is plenty of opportunity for this platform to make money.


Beware Of Dark Payment Methods

Ecommerce fraud is much more common as the number of online shoppers increases. Knowing the most threatening types of fraud will help protect your online business from being a victim. The five most common types include chargeback fraud, affiliate fraud, triangulation fraud, card testing fraud, and merchant identity fraud.


Pinterest Gets Rid Of Human-In-The-Loop Approach

Pinterest can now be used to find all of your favorite styles and designs for sale. This Shop the Look feature allows business users to add a blue dot on their images, like a set of curtains, so their followers can click on the dot and buy their curtains. With home decor and clothing being the focus for right now, Pinterest has plans to expand to other categories soon. Check out this guide on how to use Pinterest for your business.


Is Amazon Discriminating Against Its Users?

The Austrian Federal Competition Authority is monitoring Amazon to determine whether they are promoting their own products more heavily than their users. The BWB will also be looking into whether or not Amazon takes advantage of its power and gathers information on its users to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. Amazon is working with Austria and states they “are working hard to support small to medium businesses.” Ends Exclusive Partnership With USPS announced that they’ll no longer be an exclusive partner with USPS which will ultimately end this relationship. has plans to work with Amazon in the near future as USPS is constantly experiencing financial losses. The biggest reason for this change is because Amazon has the ability to offer 2 day free shipping, which is something USPS will (possibly) never do.


Amazon’s New Rewards Program

Amazon Moments is Amazon’s loyalty program that offers a mutual benefit for both buyer and seller. So far Amazon users seem to like the program, but how will it play out in the long run? With the national loyalty program is worth approximately $74 billion, Amazon Moments will need to adjust their awards system to make it easier for customers if they are looking to succeed.


Etsy Bill Payment Error Affects Sellers

With just one click, active online sellers lost up to tens of thousands of dollars. Etsy claims this wasn’t a result of fraud, rather it was caused by a “site change”. Etsy is getting a lot of heat from its users, especially the ones that got charged incorrectly. The ecommerce platform didn’t communicate well with these victims either, as they sent out one email with a brief description that can be viewed here.


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