February ecommerce news Love isn’t the only thing in the air this February as the Coronavirus continues to spread and wreak havoc across the globe. But don’t worry! Ecommerce Lately is here to update you on how it can affect your business, along with other recent happenings in online commerce.


Pinterest’s Virtual Makeup Artist

Pinterest has added an innovative feature to its mobile app that allows shoppers to virtually try on makeup from a variety of brands. With a focus on inclusivity, Pinterest’s “Try On” acts not as a filter, but as an assistant giving consumers a real-time visual of what the makeup would look like. Not only can shoppers continue to pin and like posts, but with this new feature, they can view the exact shade of lipstick their favorite Pinner is wearing. Pinterest invites brands to promote their products with Try On and plans to integrate more AR categories in the future. How will you show off your product on Pinterest?


FedEx Ground Ships Home Deliveries Every Day of the Week 

Great news for those of you who need to improve delivery speed. FedEx Ground is now shipping Home delivery packages on Sundays. FedEx states that this addition significantly decreases the time it takes for packages to be received. The new schedule was changed just in time for the holiday season and will benefit ecommerce buyers and sellers for years to come.


eBay’s Export Revival Now Available in Bulgaria and Greece

eBay’s Retail Revival (RR) program helps businesses in selected countries improve their ecommerce presence throughout the world. Bulgarian and Greek retailers can now take advantage of Export Revival, eBay’s regional spinoff of their Retail Revival program. This new promotional campaign aims to help small business owners compete on a global level with monthly training sessions and coaching with eBay professionals.


Shopify May Be Libra Association’s Only Hope 

I know what you’re thinking. No, Shopify is not joining forces with people born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Libra Association, which has not officially launched, is a cryptocurrency developed by Facebook. Shopify’s goal is to assist global ecommerce, with the belief that a Libra partnership will reduce merchant fees and promote entrepreneurship around the world. But before all of this can happen, Libra must satisfy the concerns of the U.S. Government and EU.   


Google Expands Network for Shopping Ads

Google Ad users can now create Showcase and Product Shopping ads on Gmail, along with already existing ad options for Youtube and Google Discover. This update may benefit online merchants looking to reach more targeted audiences, but there is a concern that Gmail is not a relevant or even appropriate place to advertise.


Walmart Continues to Contend With Amazon

The biggest edge that Amazon had on Walmart was their Prime 2-Day shipping. Walmart’s newest fulfillment program, Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) will now allow third-party vendors to expedite shipping at a rate that rivals Amazon. Which retail powerhouse do you think will become the top dog after this improvement?


How is Coronavirus Affecting Ecommerce?

We know that the Coronavirus, which is infecting thousands of people around the world, has hit the travel industry hard. But what if I told you it is also affecting the ecommerce industry? Quarantines and travel restrictions have limited shipping operations from Chinese warehouses. Large delivery companies, including FedEx and UPS, are drastically reducing the number of shipments going in and out of China. 

One of the largest issues online retailers are facing is a lack of staffing for their shipping operations. This chaos is forcing companies like Hasbro to “decrease their reliance on factories in China.” Others are following this trend and searching for suppliers elsewhere. On one hand, many workers are being laid off; on the other hand, companies like Alibaba and Amazon China, are hiring “temporary workers” to help with the increase of shipping specific goods like deliverable meals.

Speaking of Amazon, the multinational online retailer is feeling the pressure as Prime Day approaches. Their biggest sale of the year occurs during the summer, and as the Coronavirus spreads, their efforts to avoid its negative effects are growing.

There are exciting changes happening in the world of ecommerce. While some areas are being improved to benefit both consumers and sellers, others are negatively affected as a deadly virus spreads globally. If you are uncertain about your suppliers in China and considering a change, read this article on how to negotiate with new suppliers. No matter what is going on in the world, you can count on ecomdash to keep you updated with the latest in ecommerce news.

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