It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and instead of giving you a card and candy, we’ve got something extra sweet for you: ecommerce news! January was an exciting month, full of uncertainty and surprise. Some sellers were wary about Shopify’s announcement to change its fulfillment service, but the company quickly put everyone at ease stating that the adjustments would benefit users. Also, Amazon FBA is being more vigilant, turning away canceled and deleted shipments. See what other ecommerce news and industry trends have been occurring in this month’s issue of Ecommerce Lately.


Amazon Go Stores Reach Suburbia

Amazon’s brick-and-mortar solution for customers looking to avoid crowded stores and long checkout lines is starting to expand into the suburbs. Amazon Go stores, which are popular in metropolitan areas including New York City and Chicago, make it easy for customers to purchase products online and quickly pick them up locally. By opening Go stores in suburban areas, Amazon is reaching a new demographic. The company plans to open in Mill Creek, Washington, and then a second in Los Angeles.


Ecommerce 2022 Statistics

In the past two years, we’ve seen some big shifts in ecommerce trends. The pandemic had a significant effect on the industry. 2022 is no different:

  • Worldwide retail sales are projected to hit $7,385 trillion in 2025
  • Gen Z customers are more likely to purchase from companies offering BOPIS (Buy Online/Pick-Up In Store) options than Baby Boomers
  • 19% of industry professionals are increasing social ad budget
  • Since January 2021, 52% of shoppers consider themselves more eco-friendly

For more ecommerce trends, check out this great infographic from WebsiteBuilder. Acquires Another Ecommerce Company

Popular ecommerce service,, acquired FB Flurry and SellerActive in January to improve its ecommerce capabilities. The two companies offer fulfillment services and multichannel ecommerce tools, respectively. With this new acquisition, “clients will have access to’s suite of eCommerce offerings, including online storefront software, logistics and fulfillment, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven unified analytics and more.”


Amazon Warns Against Cancelled Shipments

Ecommerce sellers using FBA must be careful when sending shipments. Amazon is cracking down on merchants sending canceled and deleted shipments, and even punishing those who do. Other actions that FBA is trying to prevent include deleting shipping plans after merchant approval, misrouting shipments, and sending incomplete shipments. Amazon hopes that these new rules will help improve FBA efficiency. Learn more about the new FBA guidelines from the company’s recent announcement.


Shopify Announced Changes to its Fulfillment Capabilities

A few weeks ago, Shopify announced that it is making changes to the SFN (Shopify Fulfillment Network). The company claimed that these changes would “help merchants compete with big-box retailers, such as prioritizing two-day shipping at affordable prices and access to easy returns for U.S. shoppers.” Although this worried some sellers at first, Shopify quickly informed its warehouse partners and customers that it would not be reducing capacity.


The year is already starting out strong for ecommerce companies and sellers. We’re excited to see what the rest of 2022 has to offer. If you missed any previous industry news, check out older Ecommerce Lately publications. Or if you’re looking for tips and tricks to apply to your business, review our large portfolio of ecommerce articles.

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