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There’s been a lot happening recently in ecommerce. Phase One of a new trade deal between China and the U.S., employees at Amazon are speaking out against company policy, and new penalties are being implemented on Etsy. Check out these articles to stay up to date on all that’s happening.


Etsy Receives Backlash from Ad Penalty

Etsy integrated its Google Shopping and Promoted Listings offerings into one ad platform called Etsy Ads in September of 2019. Etsy sellers are now claiming the platform forced them to spend a minimum $1 per day for the service, which the sellers had no control over. Etsy has not responded to the claims, so it remains unclear whether the “free” advertising was caused by a glitch in Etsy’s platform or a result of general growing pains


Google Puts a New Spin on Online Shopping

Google has completely revamped their Google Shopping homepage and it’s free for retailers to sell on it! All a seller has to do is list their products under the appropriate category. This new launch will help shoppers easily see what is available from sellers with a simple word search.


Shopify is Getting into the Lending Business

Shopify is now offering $200 loans to help sellers grow their businesses. Shopify simply wants to invest in branding, inventory, and marketing efforts. Ultimately, Shopify wants to take a little bit of weight off the seller’s shoulders in the meantime. Oh, and did we mention, if everything falls apart, the seller is not stuck repaying the loan.


Amazon Employees Risk Jobs for Speaking Out

Speaking out against a prominent company comes with a price, especially if you work for it. What started with just two people and one issue, has now accumulated 300+ people and multiple issues within Amazon. Employees are demanding that Amazon address the impact they have on the climate, work environments, and the security breach with Ring, just to name a few.


Trump Addresses Online Counterfeit Product Problem

The Trump Administration and China have made a trade deal that will heavily impact ecommerce. Phase One of the deal is to reduce and ultimately, eliminate counterfeits. Facilities will be notified by officials about the counterfeits and are being told to “abandon” goods. Amazon has been high on the government’s radar, but online marketplaces like Walmart, eBay, and Alibaba are now being targeted as well.


Google and Facebook Work on Long-term Selling Goals

Google and Facebook are both making big moves to develop the overall selling experience on their individual platforms. Each company is setting long-term goals that better integrate payments with the platform. This will help sellers communicate better, collect payments, and sell. Both companies want to be clear, this is not a money game for them, it is a strengthening tactic for their ad business.

With such an eventful January and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what February has in store for us. If you need some additional marketing ideas, check out these great Valentine’s Day marketing tips to keep you on top of your game.


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