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If the holiday season proved anything, it’s that ecommerce is stronger than ever and there are no signs of slowing down. Other trends including influencer marketing and data-driven ecommerce decisions are among the most popular predictions for 2022.

Learn more about how other online merchants faired this holiday season and what’s to come this year in this edition of Ecommerce Lately!


Holiday Season Sees Ecommerce Sales Soar

As expected, the holidays saw the biggest spike in ecommerce sales compared to the rest of the year. But we’ll let the data speak for itself! Not only are we excited to see omnichannel selling make a huge comeback in Q4, with retail sales up 8.1%, but ecommerce saw an 11% increase YoY compared to 2020. This is a surprising development as many experts believed physical stores would be a “nostalgic” habit that some shoppers would adopt to get out of the house after the pandemic.


eBay May Change Its Affiliate Program

eBay has been toying with the idea to change its ePN program (eBay Partner Network). And now that the company’s Global Customer Support Manager, Dan Filowitz, is changing roles, some customers predict that eBay may replace affiliates with influencers. Like the affiliate program, eBay will connect with popular influencers and allow merchants to pay to have these influencers promote their products. This idea is still up in the air, but influencer marketing has been a popular trend for the last 2 years. Would you use this new service?


Brick-And-Mortar Stores Making a Comeback

Ramunda and Derrick Young, owners of an online bookstore focusing on books for or about the African Diaspora, called MahoganyBooks, were recently featured on Forbes Next 1000 list for following their dream despite the odds. They always wanted to have a brick-and-mortar store, but the banks wouldn’t loan them money, stating that physical bookstores were a dying breed. So, they started their journey online with dropshipping. The Youngs never lost sight of their dream to reach customers on a more personal level, so they took a leap after 10 years in business and opened a physical store after MahoganyBooks’ online success. Ramunda and Derrick were previously able to reach the community with pop-up shops, but now, their brick-and-mortar store gives readers a physical space where they can connect with each other.


Get a Leg Up on Your Competitors

Ecommerce startup, Anakin, has developed a way for companies to track competitor pricing data. Unlike the outdated practice of reviewing endless listings of similar products to find your competitors’ prices, Anakin automates this process by analyzing SKUs and providing data in near real time. The company also claims their software can help retailers “increase revenue by up to 12%.”


Amazon Ecommerce App Falls Short

The Amazon marketplace hosts millions of users every day. It is dominating the competition online, but when it comes to mobile downloads, the Amazon app still has some catching up to do. Amazon is currently ranked 4th behind international companies including Shopee, SHEIN, and Meesho. This is a big drop for Amazon who was previously ranked 1st in 2020.  We predict these rankings will push Amazon to start improving its ecommerce app.


There are opportunities for every kind of ecommerce seller in the new year. Whether you want to expand your online selling to social platforms, offer free or faster shipping, or open a smaller physical location to compliment your online store, 2022 may be your year to branch outside your comfort zone.

But where do you start? Look no further than the ecomdash blog. We’ll get you to that first step and help expand your knowledge. From there, you can stay updated every month on the latest industry news and ecommerce trends with Ecommerce Lately!


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