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Keeping up with the latest happenings in ecommerce can be difficult when managing an online business, but with Ecommerce Lately it’s easy to stay in-the-know! Let’s review all the hot topics from the month of July.


Mass Scamming Spree Affects Hundreds of Online Retailers

Within 24 hours, 962 online businesses had their customer’s credit card information stolen, making this the largest skimming card campaign to date. These automated attacks snatch card information by placing fake card payment sections during checkout. Word is still out on how the skimmers got access to these online stores.


Amazon Faces Liability Accusations

The ecommerce giant could potentially face charges for defective products sold by third party sellers. After a few reported incidents, including a retractable leash blinding a woman’s eye and a headlamp causing a house fire has raised concern towards the company. Depending on state law, Amazon could be held responsible for both cases.


The Inside Scoop on European Ecommerce

If you’re looking to sell in the European market, these insights are sure to help with your business decisions. Compared to the U.S., ecommerce is prevalent in Europe, but not entirely. With concerns such as payment security and location, shoppers may not prefer shopping online. Check out these 8 facts to see if which European market is the right fit for your business.


Amazon Partners with Real Estate Giant

In efforts to boost sales, two of the largest ecommerce and real estate companies (Amazon and Realogy) have teamed up to offer the best customer experience. Their partnership will be based on the TurnKey program which pairs homebuyers with Realogy agents through an Amazon portal. Homebuyers who purchase a home receive $5,000 worth of Amazon Home Services and products, including installation. Talk about lavish living!


Alibaba Takes on B2B Ecommerce

Being popularly known in China, the ecommerce platform is planning to expand into the U.S. market, enabling online retailers to trade with each other. Popular retailers such as Office Depot and RobinsonFresh have already launched their brands on the platform. Sellers will also have to pay a membership fee with no commission.


Amazon’s New Suspension Policy Raises Concern Among Sellers

Amazon has recently issued its new terms of service and third-party sellers aren’t too happy about it. The updated terms state that sellers will be given a 30-day notice and a list of reason(s) as to why they are facing suspension. Sellers are uneasy about these terms because many honest sellers have been suspended in the past with Amazon failing to provide advice on how to correct their actions.

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eBay Hires Former Amazon Alexa Executive

The former vice president of Amazon’s Alexa Voice Services, Peter Thompson, has joined the eBay team. As their new senior vice president and chief product officer, Thompson will be monitoring users shopping behavior and focus on improving the overall user experience. Along with its new hire, eBay has seen positive changes in its profits due to investments in UI and technology.


Etsy Takes a Ride on the Musical Side

Etsy has bought music gear company Reverb for a whopping $275 million. The music goods platform specializes in selling new and classic instruments and accessories. Despite the acquisition, Reverb will remain separate from Etsy according to terms. Etsy hopes to grow the brand in terms of functionality and expanding its potential customer base.


Site-Wide Free Shipping Is in the Works for Etsy

Etsy just answered back to Amazon and Walmart by offering free shipping to customers who spend $35 or more. As an additional advantage, sellers (located in the U.S.) whose products qualify for free shipping get a higher placement in the search results. Etsy plans to roll out the site-wide free shipping option in September.


Apple Grants Shopify Access to Business Chat Service

Apple’s customer support feature, Apple Business Chat, is continuing its integration with other businesses. With more than 800,000 storefronts globally, Shopify stated that this feature will be available for every seller on its platform. Although Shopify already has apps for customer service such as Shopify Ping and Facebook Messenger, why not add more to the loop? This new support service gives shoppers another safe, reliable way to receive answers to their questions.


TikTok Taps into Ecommerce

Social Media app, Tik Tok, is becoming popular amongst ecommerce brands after seeing how many advertising opportunities this app brings. Many online businesses are starting to collaborate with TikTok, creating short videos that feature a ‘Shop Now’ button to allow viewers to purchase products straight from the app. This trend is already making millions for Chinese companies, but it’s currently on the rise in the West.


More and more business opportunities are appearing for online retailers. What news were you most excited to hear about? Let us know in the comments! Also don’t forget to check back next month for more ecommerce news!


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