ecommerce lately july 2020Summer is in full swing and we can certainly feel it. The heatwave melted any idea of a Christmas in July! It seems like there’s even more reason for consumers to stay indoors this summer. Luckily, some of our favorite ecommerce companies are finding ways to make online shopping even more convenient. Yahoo mail users can order groceries right from their mailbox, Buy on Google is now commission-free, and Shopify offers buy-now-pay-later options. Continue reading the July edition of Ecommerce Lately and learn more about last month’s ecommerce industry news.


You’ve Got Mail, And Groceries

Verizon Media has developed a way for Yahoo mail users to order Walmart groceries right from their account. Online grocery shopping is rapidly gaining popularity and companies are adapting their business model to keep up. While some are adopting curbside pickup and delivery services, Verizon Media is offering the first ever email grocery shopping cart. Users can browse products, add them to their carts and order without ever leaving the Yahoo Mail platform.


Social Media Platform for Ecommerce Brands

Google has created a new social media platform that allows brands to promote their products in video form. Taking elements from popular platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, Shoploop combines influencer content creation with online shopping. Customers can purchase products featured in videos straight from the app. As of now, the platform is mainly used to promote cosmetics like makeup, skincare, etc. but Google anticipates this idea taking off in the future.


Buy-Now-Pay-Later with Shopify

Shopify has teamed up with PayPal to give customers a more economical way to purchase products. Merchant’s using Shopify’s platform will be able to offer plans so shoppers can split their purchases into four payments. This announcement comes as a relief for those whose purchasing habits have been limited by the pandemic. The popular ecommerce platform will implement this update by the end of 2020.


Buy on Google – No Commision No Problem

Google continues to give retailers a break. The company recently made listing on Google Shopping completely free, and it’s expanding these savings even more. Online merchants who use Buy on Google will no longer pay those pesky commission fees. We’re seeing constant updates from ecommerce giants like Walmart and Amazon, so to compete with these two marketplaces, Google is stepping up its game.


Amazon Postponed Once Again

If this year was like any other, we’d be congratulating you on a successful Amazon Prime Day. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused setbacks for companies all over the world. But there’s no need to fret, Amazon Prime Day is still happening, just later than expected. Recent news has stated that the biggest ecommerce event of the year will be held around October. We will keep you updated if Amazon decides to move it even later.


Amazon Warehouse Restrictions

Earlier this year, Amazon put restrictions on non-essential items. When this was lifted, merchant inventory flooded Amazon warehouses. As ecommerce demand increases, Amazon is scrambling to make online shopping experiences as convenient as possible. This chain of events, caused by COVID-19, has yet again led to Amazon limiting its warehouse quantity. Amazon hopes that these restrictions will help them deliver a smoother holiday season for third-party vendors and consumers alike.


2020 is the year that ecommerce changes forever. Large companies and SMBs everywhere are coming up with ways to improve selling habits and customer service. Even the world’s largest marketplaces are competing to have the best shopping experience, and it’s getting heated – mainly because it’s summertime.


There are so many updates each month, it’s hard to keep up. Stay on top of all ecommece developments with our monthly Ecommerce Lately, and follow us on social media for daily tips, guides, and industry news.


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