ecommerce lately july 2021We’re halfway through the fiscal year, and ecommerce companies are starting to feel the heat, both physically and metaphorically. Merchants are having difficulties finding warehouses to store their products, and Amazon saw a decrease in online traffic. Luckily for Amazon and participating retailers, Prime Day was a huge success.

Even though there was a slight reduction in ecommerce activity due to lockdown lifts, it didn’t stop industry leaders from updating their capabilities. Check out this month’s Ecommerce Lately to learn more about some of these improved ecommerce features from shopping to fulfillment.


Amazon Prime Day 2021 Results

Amazon yet again shows the world that it’s on top. The company decided to change the date of its annual Prime Day, possibly to account for a recent decrease in ad clicks, which proved successful for millions of online sellers.

By the end of Prime Day, Amazon surpassed $11 billion, which is a 6% increase from last year! Amazon also stated that a total of 250 million items were sold during the event.

If you didn’t participate, maybe it’s time to consider selling on the world’s largest marketplace.


Facebook Ecommerce Updates

As social media commerce grows, so do the capabilities that these platforms offer. Facebook has recently updated its ecommerce features to follow this trend.

Not only has the company added Facebook Shop to WhatsApp, but it’s testing a visual search on Instagram. With an advanced AI to drive this feature, Instagram users will soon be able to upload a picture and search for similar items on the Instagram store.


Huge Increase in Demand For Fulfillment Centers

Last year, there was a high demand for warehouse space due to the pandemic-led increase in popularity for ecommerce.

We’re seeing a similar spike in fulfillment demand this year. Since the beginning of COVID, there has been a 614% increase in warehouse occupancy.

This demand has led to the fulfillment sector expanding current locations as well as adding hundreds of new warehouses around the world. Are you having trouble finding somewhere to store your products? Let us know in the comments below.


Nano-Factory Fulfillment Method

You may have heard of micro-fulfillment centers, well there’s a new development in the industry: nano-factory fulfillment. These small “factories” work as a portable development center where companies can produce their products without purchasing a traditional 100,000+ square foot warehouse.

The company that brought this idea to life, Unilever, has tested a prototype that can be transported anywhere. Unilever converted a 40-foot cargo container into a fully functioning factory, producing liquid bouillon to start, but there’s no telling what companies can produce in the future.


Fashion Retailers Having a Hard Time Adapting

While thousands of entrepreneurs are adapting to the ecommerce boom, there’s one industry having difficulty following the trend. A recent study shows that fashion retailers were unable to migrate online, stating several reasons including a lack of technology, outdated systems, and no visibility.

The study also found that 57% of fashion retailers were not confident in their ability to take advantage of the ecommerce industry.

If you need help adjusting to ecommerce, check out our eBook on Launching An Online Store From Your Retail Store.


The second quarter is over which means holiday shopping is right around the corner. And since Amazon Prime Day was in June, we’re sure some of those holiday shoppers are getting a head start right now. It’s a perfect opportunity for your ecommerce store to get a leg up on the competition. Stay up-to-date on the most important announcements with ecomdash, you’ll never know if there’s something you can implement to become a better online seller.

Check back with us every month for the latest advancements in ecommerce. We’ll inform you on industry trends, technological developments, and more. For other news and past Ecommerce Lately publications, check out our blog!


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