ecommerce lately june 2020Since the U.S. entered phase 2 of the COVID-19 reopening plan, thousands of businesses have opened their physical locations to the public at half capacity. People flocked to their favorite brick-and-mortar stores, but that doesn’t mean ecommerce sales declined. In fact, it increased due to improvements from companies like Amazon and Walmart.

Big brands have teamed up to bring online shoppers a better experience, and they anticipate that society will lean on ecommerce for years to come. Shopify and Walmart expanded their multichannel selling options and Amazon extended credit lines with help from Goldman Sachs. Also, Kroger is adopting Ocado’s technologically advanced fulfillment center design and plans to open three new warehouses within the next few years. Learn about this and more ecommerce happenings in our June addition of Ecommerce Lately.


Walmart Takes eBay’s No. 2 Spot for Online Sales in the U.S.

Walmart has officially become number two in digital sales behind Amazon. Walmart accounted for 5.8% of online sales so far this year, surpassing long-time runner up, eBay. The company reported a 74% year-over-year increase in ecommerce sales, with online grocery services being the biggest contributor.


Amazon Puts a Spin on Shoppable TV

Shoppable television isn’t new. You’ve seen it before with infomercials and shopping networks, but the strategy is evolving. Amazon plans to create engaging content that allows viewers to purchase items they just saw on TV right from their ecommerce platform. With streaming as the preferred source of entertainment, a previously outdated form of selling is now the hottest trend.


Shopify and Walmart Team Up to Expand

1200 Shopify sellers plan to sell on Walmart’s online marketplace by the end of this year. Both platforms are thriving and they hope to increase their performance by giving third-party sellers a chance to grow. Shopify sellers can sync their products across both platforms when they integrate with, making it easy to track order, inventory, and fulfillment information.


Kroger and Ocado Take Measures to Increase Efficiency

As COVID-19 continues to increase the popularity of deliverable meals and online grocery shopping, stores like Kroger, Walmart, and Target are improving their operations. Kroger is opening three new customer fulfillment centers with the expertise of global online grocery retailer, Ocado. Kroger’s new fulfillment centers will utilize technology similar to Ocado’s for greater efficiency and customer experience.


New Marketplace Inspired by Amazon Welcomes Entrepreneurs

The United States Business Association of Ecommerce (USBAEC) launched its very own online marketplace. The new platform offers SMBs a more competitive edge in domestic and global markets. Sellers can list their products on the USBAEC marketplace regardless of geographic location.


Amazon Offers Digital Credit Line With a Catch

Amazon and Goldman Sachs are teaming up to offer U.S. based Amazon sellers lines of credit up to $1 million. In return, Goldman Sachs gets the merchant data, with the seller’s consent, of course. Goldman Sachs hopes to make more educated approval decisions with this data, which includes a business’s revenue and tenure on the platform.


With larger companies teaming up, you should take note and try it too. Partnerships can be very beneficial, especially when you want to improve your ecommerce business.

It doesn’t have to be as big as Amazon’s million-dollar credit lines from Goldman Sachs, it can be simple. For example, Lifestyle brand William-Sonoma partnered with U.S. based breweries to create beer-infused BBQ sauce.

Neither company “needed” to come together and create a great tasting condiment, but they both believed that it could improve their brand awareness. Now it’s your turn. Find a company with similar goals as you, and come up with an idea that’ll sell!


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