ecommerce lately - may 2019

Online sellers know how important it is to stay in tune with ecommerce industry news, and with Ecommerce Lately, it’s never been easier! With the month of flowers behind us, let’s review all the latest happenings from May in our most recent Ecommerce Lately article.


Google Adds More Online Shopping Options

Google Shopping Actions merchants will start to see even more real estate on Google’s various platforms later this year. From product ads on YouTube’s home page to Gmail inbox promotions, Google continues to test ways to show ad content to its users. Google hopes to create a seamless experience for shoppers throughout its various platforms, following the multichannel ecommerce trend. If you haven’t applied to sell on this platform, let us know through this interest form!


New Cyber Scam Sweeps Ecommerce Sites

Similar to how physical skimmers steal your credit card data at an ATM or gas station pump, various groups are using malicious JavaScript to steal your customer’s credit card information. Also called JavaScript sniffers, this malicious code has been sold to various other criminals online for the last year, some sell for as low as $250 to as much as $5000. Many of these groups target Magento sellers since most of the older versions of the platform have vulnerabilities. Protect your site by keeping your Magento site up to date!


Walmart Launches Free One Day Shipping

The seemingly never-ending feud between Amazon and Walmart just got a little more intense. Walmart released that they’ll start offering free one day shipping for all of its customers. To keep up with competition, sellers have started to implement various marketing strategies including pop-up shops and exclusive items. Of course, one-day shipping just might not be profitable for some sellers.


Amazon Joins Neighborhood Watch

To fight package theft, Amazon is planning to release an AI-powered doorbell for their shoppers. With a recent patent application, Amazon hopes these doorbells can catch “porch pirates” in the act and alert neighbors and police. It even details how Amazon’s facial recognition software could identify the intruder. Awesome.. but a bit creepy.


Amazon Expands Partnership with Kohl’s

From now on, shoppers won’t have to deal with the pesky return process for Amazon items. Kohl’s has now agreed to accept all Amazon returns for free! Shoppers simply walk up to the customer service desk at any of Kohl’s 1,500 stores and ask to return their Amazon item, even if they don’t have a shipping box. Kohl’s is also making efforts to expand their market by selling a small selection of Amazon products in over 200 stores. Take a hint from Amazon and learn how to make the return process work for your business.


Amazon and Google Gain Support From Adobe

With efforts to build their customer base, Magento has released new integrations for both Amazon and Google. Retailers are now able to manage their ads, inventory, and pricing using just one platform. These extensions are available free for retailers: Amazon Sales Channel and Google Ads Channel. Adobe is also planning to launch an analytics software, Adobe Experience Platform Launch Extension, and a new efficient way for sellers to safely process card transactions.


Etsy Ups The Ante With Google Cloud

Etsy is expecting to have all its resources transferred over to Google Cloud by 2020. This is huge for its 2.2 million sellers. Not only will it help the overall speed of the site, Etsy is also implementing Google Cloud’s machine-learning capabilities to improve its shoppers’ search experiences. The AI functionality has already helped add over $200 million more in sales and Etsy expects that number to continue to grow as they add more capabilities.


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