ecommerce lately may 2021In April, the ecommerce industry saw several competitive strides from a number of popular brands. And in today’s market, if you’re not competitive then you’ll be left behind.

Brands like Walmart and eBay are adding new features and updating regulations to keep up with Amazon. Even the popular clothing store, Lululemon, is adjusting its business plan to stay relevant in an age of thrift shopping.

How do you stay competitive? Because today, anything that gets you a leg up on the competition is good, even if it’s as simple as keeping up with the news.

We consistently update online sellers on all the latest happenings in the ecommerce industry. You too can stay ahead of the curve, with Ecommerce Lately.


Walmart Adjusts Rules to Accept International Sellers

Walmart recently changed its regulations, allowing sellers from all over the world to list their products on Walmart’s online marketplace. Before this development, only companies registered in the US were able to sell on

The company states that it will still thoroughly vet local and global sellers, but that shouldn’t stop international entrepreneurs from applying. Walmart hopes to close the gap with Amazon by bringing in thousands of new sellers and shopping opportunities.

Are you selling on Walmart yet?


eBay Product Research Tool Now Free

eBay is making its popular feature, Terapeak Product Research Tool, free to all sellers. This tool allows merchants to optimize listings for a competitive edge on an already popular marketplace.

Terapeak gives insights including top-selling products, average price, volume of items sold, and more. While this individual product research tool is completely free, you still need a Store subscription to access other Terapeak research capabilities.


Lululemon Rides the Resale Wave

The pandemic has had an impact on every aspect of ecommerce, from shipping and logistics to buying behavior and consumer habits. One trend that experts are anticipating after the lockdown is the change in resale shopping habits.

Resale has always been popular by promoting thrifting and sustainability. But companies including ThredUp, Poshmark, and other places to sell vintage clothing are gaining success. Even brands like Lululemon want in on the action. The trending sports attire company is testing a trade-in resale program in the hopes of sharing this future success.


Etsy Hit a Huge Milestone

Today, it’s easier than ever for entrepreneurs to share their products online. This is especially important for DIYers in the handmade industry.

Before the lockdown started, the only way some artisans could sell their products was in person, whether it be a farmers market, brick-and-mortar store, or a pop-up shop.

Etsy has been a lucrative alternative for handmade merchants and recently, the company hit an incredible milestone. As of April 2021, Etsy is now home to 10 million sellers! Are you one of those 10 million Etsy sellers?


eBay Simplifies Card Listings

Selling trading cards has become a trending side hustle adopted by many entrepreneurs in the past few months. These collectibles are highly sought after and can be found on just about every popular marketplace.

eBay is making it easier for these niche sellers with a new image recognition feature that reads the card and automatically creates a listing for it.

Merchants simply take a picture of the card and eBay takes care of the rest. eBay claims that the time it takes to create a card listing will be cut in half with this new feature.


We’re nearing the end of spring which not only means warm weather approaches but so does one of the year’s biggest sales events. Amazon Prime Day is still a mystery and sources are saying that the event is moving back to its normal slot in July, but some are speculating that Prime Day could happen as early as June! We’ll keep you updated with future Ecommerce Lately posts on the date so stay tuned to our blog or follow us on social media.

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day? To help you prepare for this huge event, read through our Amazon Prime Day checklist and once you’ve crossed out that to-do list, check out some simple Amazon Prime Day Tips to make the most out of the sale.


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