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Shopify & BigCommerce partner with Venmo

Shopify and BigCommerce agree that by providing Venmo as a mobile payment option results in an easier checkout process, minimizing cart abandonment issues for retailers.

BigCommerce embraces the new age, acknowledging that more than $35 billion worth of transactions were completed using Venmo in 2017. Shopify stated that Venmo has become one of the most popular peer-to-peer payment methods, especially with millennials. is the first merchant to sell meal kits online

Blue apron just made a lucky deal with to sell their meal kits on the marketplace. By offering a grocery section, can now compete with Amazon and Whole Foods. Despite Blue Aprons stock having decreased by at least 70% in 2017, saw potential in the company’s products and has even agreed to switch the type of meal kit sold every couple of months.


Amazon and eBay bring back paper advertisements

With digital ads consuming the internet, it’s hard to believe that the top two ecommerce companies are returning to toy catalogs this Christmas. Amazon and eBay experimented with this strategy by sending out print catalogs displaying various holiday kid products. From Barbies to Legos, these catalogs are meant to replace the 100-page catalogs Toys R Us use to provide.


eBay builds server-side ad tech

eBay wants to sell its own media and server, hoping to show clients that they can sell their ads in a fair auction. This will also help to eliminate preferential treatment of certain bidders. With this change, auction winners will be determined based on the the strength of the bid, not on preference. eBay wishes to be more transparent with advertisers, hoping to change auction processes for the better.


Walmart launches “Toy Lab”

Walmart launched a kid-friendly website that helps kids learn about products through demonstrations before adding to their wish list. Children can also select their favorite toys and deselect their least favorite. This marketing strategy employed by Walmart is likely to see positive feedback from families.


Alibaba’s Singles Day results in $30 billion

Jack Ma, BABA founder, led an annual shopping spree event in China that resulted in $30.8 billion (27% more than last year) in sales, in ONE DAY! Singles Day symbolizes an “unstoppable” China, and based on the results, it is possible that China can become a bigger international customer than America in the future.


Cyber Monday sales are higher than ever

Not only is Cyber Monday projected to bring in $7.9 billion from online sales, it will also be the largest online shopping day ever in the US. As for November as a whole, the month produced $58.5 billion in ecommerce sales. This was also the first Cyber Monday with more than half of web visits coming from mobile devices. Also noteworthy, offering the ability to buy online and pick up in the store increased conversion rates drastically.

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