november 2019 ecommerce news The biggest online shopping days have come and gone! 2019 is almost over, but before we fast forward, there are still some holiday shopping stragglers out there (myself included). Keep your head down, you’re almost there!

Meanwhile, we’ve corralled the latest happenings in the ecommerce realm, including a recap on BFCM sales.


eBay Makes Pretty Penny on StubHub Sale

eBay turned a $310 million purchase into a $4 billion dollar investment in just 12 years. The sell to Viagogo, a European competitor, was “the best path forward” for both companies according to eBay’s interim CEO, Scott Schenkel. It sounds like eBay should have some money in the bank to continue improvements on their online marketplace.


TikTok Breaks into Ecommerce

The trendiest social media app, TikTok, is now allowing certain users to add links to their 15-second videos. These links can be used to send viewers to relevant websites, including ecommerce sites such as Amazon, to buy featured products in the videos. While the feature isn’t available to everyone, it is definitely a step in the right direction for influencer marketing.


Singles Day Rakes in $38B

Alibaba kicked off the day with a star-studded event that was live-streamed in Shanghai featuring Taylor Swift. And yes, they proceeded to make $38.3 BILLION in just 24 hours across Alibaba’s various ecommerce platforms, 8 billion more than last year.


Amazon Loses Trump Card

Amazon lost the $10 billion JEDI contract with the Pentagon to Microsoft and Jeff Bezos blames Trump. Bezos has now filed a legal claim stating that President Trump interfered and caused Amazon to lose the deal.


U.S Holiday Sales Surge

Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are showing a strong presence of ecommerce holiday shoppers this year. Thanksgiving Day came in with a record $4.2 billion in sales and Black Friday brought $7.4 billion in sales for ecommerce alone.The craziest part? Cyber Monday brought in $9.4 billion bringing the total Nov – Dec 2 online sales to $81.5 billion.

Did you make any sales from Singles Day? It sounds like U.S. sellers have a chance. Maybe prepare for next year! Also, we’re sure you’re going to be dealing with the onslaught of holiday returns in the next month. Check out these tips on how to use a return as a sales tool. In the meantime, let us know how your BFCM went in the comments below.

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