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October came with a lot of Halloween treats for ecommerce businesses. Many of the major players in ecommerce added cool functionality for online shoppers, meaning an easier shopping experience for your customers.

As the holiday spirit starts to increase and these tools are released, get your head in the game and prepare for the onslaught of customer orders. In the meantime, check out the latest in ecommerce news below.


Google Shopping Gets a Facelift

Google refreshed its online shopping solution and added some key functionality for its users. Browsers can now use the newly released Google Lens to identify products in images. From there, Google Lens will find similar products and style ideas across the web. Shoppers can also price track and shop from local stores, all from their browser.


Instagram Joins the AR Community

Instagram decided to throw some spice on its user’s shopping experience. Shoppers can now use Instagram’s new AR technology to “try on” different products before purchasing. The functionality is currently limited to cosmetics and eyewear, but Instagram will add more in the future.


Amazon Fires Back at Copycats

Amazon is offering to help sellers prevent counterfeit products from cutting into their profits. This new program connects SMBs to law firms with expertise in intellectual property and trademark cases. Sellers will also receive discounts on legal assistance and gain access to Amazon’s various fraud prevention tools.


Snapchat Gets Personal

With the release of Snapchat’s new Dynamic Ads, sellers can automate personalization in ads, meaning more relevant content and higher ROI. Snapchat offers the ability to sync a product catalog so the ads show accurate information.


USPS Announces Postage Rate Increases

Starting January 26, 2020, USPS will release their new postage rates for many of their offerings. The good news? First Class Mail Letters isn’t increasing. Bad news? Just about everything else will see an increase, averaging around 2% – 3% depending on the service.


Etsy Offers a Human Touch

Etsy is offering warm and fuzzy feelings for its customers this holiday season. On November 5th, customers can call during a 3-hour window to ask trend experts tough gift-buying decisions. The best part, Etsy shoppers receive a gift card and all gifts ship free. Hopefully, this move will help Etsy sellers see a bigger sales bump this year.

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal. Holiday shopping has already commenced. It’s time to bask in your holiday glory and grab your slice of the pie. Just make sure you’re prepared with these holiday customer service tips!

What do you think of all these new features released for social shoppers? Do you think they’ll help you increase sales this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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