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It’s spooky season! Halloween is quickly approaching which means the busiest time of year for online sellers is close behind. And with this year gearing up to be one of the most lucrative, there are benefits and drawbacks within the ecommerce industry. Retailers looking to expand online can do so on Shopify, whose users recently drew more website traffic than Amazon. Or if you’re already an established brand researching clever marketing strategies, livestreaming and social media could help you stand out. But this season can’t all be full of treats, since the one thing no seller looks forward to has already been announced – peak season surcharges.

Check out this issue Ecommerce Lately to learn all the things to look forward to and what to be aware of in the coming months.


Shopify Passes Amazon In a Huge Way

Last quarter, Shopify received more online traffic than ecommerce powerhouse, Amazon. Shopify has been growing since the pandemic and now has over 1 million users. In 2020 alone, Shopify had 58 million visits. In Q3 of this year, metrics show that Shopify-powered sites saw 1.16 billion monthly visitors. This number will only increase in the coming months since events like Black Friday will attract even more shoppers. Are you using Shopify? Let us know in the comments.


Ecommerce Selling: Multichannel or Multiverse?

It appears a “multiverse” isn’t reserved for comic book heroes anymore. Ecommerce merchants can now capitalize on a plethora of channels. From advancements in entertainment and social media to improvements in the traditional online selling outlets, the industry is rapidly growing and in turn, must keep up with the trend. Most successful retailers understand that the best way to reach customers is to be available on multiple fronts, which is where the ecommerce “multiverse” comes in. Expanding to social platforms, popular marketplaces, and owning your own online website is crucial in the world today.


Livestream Marketing Campaigns for the Win

We mentioned in the story above that entertainment has been used to sell more products in the ecommerce industry. Companies are taking advantage of marketing strategies like influencers and social media campaigns but there’s another sleeping giant that’s taken China by storm. Live streaming and shippable television are expected to reach $300 billion in sales but it hasn’t had as much impact on US markets. Amazon has been testing this strategy during Prime Day with daily streams and celebrity cameos, which means its popularity may increase in the coming months.


eBay Rolls Out Promoted Listings Advanced

Popular ecommerce marketplace, eBay, has launched its newest ad campaign option to sellers in the US and UK. The Promoted Listings Advanced program gives you “preferred access to the top spot in eBay search results through keyword and budget control.” It’s currently a BETA version but we can anticipate the full release in the near future, depending on its success. Similar to Google’s PPC ads, this program allows users to bid on specific keywords and pay for clicks instead of sales. Will you be using this interesting new feature? Let us know!


Everyone Hates Holiday Surcharges

It’s that time of year again. Not just the holiday shopping season, but the holiday surcharge season. With rising issues in the supply chain industry, major carriers are beginning to announce new fees for ecommerce delivery. FedEx has already stated its surcharges, but others will soon follow. While it is nearly impossible to avoid these charges, sellers who ship with UPS and use eBay labels can dodge their pesky “peak season rate increase.” For more information and a better understanding of these carrier updates, check out this great article.


Hopefully, none of this news scared you, in fact, there’s a lot to look forward to! We’re excited to see what other treats the ecommerce industry brings for the rest of Q4 and we hope you are too. For more recent updates, check back with us in November. And in case you missed last month’s news, read through our previous Ecommerce Lately publications.


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