Online sellers know how fast the ecommerce landscape can change and it can seem impossible to keep up. With Ecommerce Lately, it’s never been easier! We’ve highlighted the most important stories in the month of October, so that you’re up-to-date on the newest ecommerce happenings.


Google Analytics For Majority of Shopify Stores is Inaccurate

The Google Analytics setup for most of the 600,000 stores on Shopify’s platform is inaccurate. The current setup prevents marketers from having efficient data to predict return on investment. Essentially, 90% of Shopify’s clientele are missing key production information needed for their marketing campaigns. Here are the 5 common Shopify errors for you to review before relying on your analytic data. If you aren’t careful, the inability to properly check spending and conversion rates will result in more costs than benefits.


Walmart Announces New Collectibles Section

Early on, Walmart prepared for the holidays with toy demos and roadshows, foreshadowing the future high demand for the toy market. Walmart has now announced that they are taking on the pop-culture collectibles industry, and are going all out. Some of the collectibles will only be available at Walmart. Walmart hopes this new addition of unique products will continue to build a larger, more eager shopper group. To learn how to sell on Walmart, check out this guide on mastering the Walmart marketplace.


Shoppable Snap Ads and More

Snapchat is your best bet if you’re looking to attract the teenage market,with 16.4 million 12- to 17-year-old users. Especially now that they have released multiple ecommerce ad choices, it’s safe to say you need to be advertising on here. Their most recent update includes Shoppable Snap Ads, Product Catalogs, Snap Pixel Targeting, and even Snap partners! These new functions will allow ebusinesses to acquire an influx of new customers, which is every start-ups dream.  For more ways to capitalize on social commerce, click here.


eBay Sends Amazon a Message

In case you missed it, eBay sent Amazon a letter accusing them of reading their customers messages to gain client insight, also referred to as seller poaching. Is this just a competitive rivalry or is there some truth behind eBay’s allegations? Amazon employees stepped forward and admitted to breaking eBay’s stipulations, hoping to avoid a media scandal. Most sellers are deciding to stick by eBay, as they feel they are given more options such as direct buyer/seller communication and that Amazon is too competitive with its merchants. Despite their issues, Amazon still remains the top ecommerce site for buyers and sellers.


Postal Fees Are On The Rise

With all the hype about online shopping, it’s not a surprise that the Postal Service plans to raise package and box rates by up to 11%! This is terrible news for Jeff Bezos, as Amazon relies heavily on Postal Services to ensure quick and free shipping for buyers and sellers. Every benefit comes with a cost, and with Amazon raising their minimum wage and high shipping volume, this is quite the penalty. Donald Trump’s active social media digs at Amazon for their unfair use of the Postal Service and taxpayers.


Cyber Criminals and The Dark Web

The ecommerce industry is vulnerable to the increased usage of the dark web and cyber criminals are after online retailers and their customers. The Clear and Dark web has been looking to resolve this dilemma by tracking goods being sold illegally and collecting information on cyber scam tactics and impersonation techniques. Their report also includes different protective measures merchants can take to prevent fraud attacks. Watch out for fake apps and social media accounts, as it’s likely you could become a victim to a cyber scam. If you’re a small business looking for more information on cyber criminals, don’t be an easy target and click here.


October has been full of juicy news and ecommerce scandals. From Snapchat improvements to cyber criminals on the loose, online merchants are preparing for the new year with extra caution. What do you think these updates mean for you as both a business owner and consumer? Let us know in the comments!

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