ecommerce lately september 2020The end of September means it’s time for fall. The time when leaves change colors, temperatures drop, and ecommerce sales rise. This year’s holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching and online merchants everywhere are preparing for a successful Q4. Big retailers are introducing some last-minute developments including Amazon’s luxury brand store, PetSmart’s partnership with DoorDash, eBay’s shipping changes, and more! Continue reading for September updates in the ecommerce world.


Amazon Luxury Brands

Amazon has a new shopping page dedicated to luxury brands. As of now, only a select few were invited to shop on Luxury Stores, but more invitations will be extended in the near future. High-end designer brands like Oscar de la Renta relied on department stores to sell their products, but with the pandemic closing hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations, these brands were running out of options. Amazon’s Luxury Stores will give these fashion brands a new way to reach customers.


Amazon Flies Above Expectations

Since February of 2019, Amazon has added 20 planes to its cargo fleet reaching a total of 70. The company hopes to add even more by the end of 2021. With the recent global delivery issues, Amazon is taking shipping into its own hands. At this rate, Amazon Air may catch up with popular shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx. Amazon’s goal is to make one and two-day delivery possible throughout the holiday season.


Doggy Door Delivery

PetSmart has joined a list of retailers working with DoorDash to provide shoppers with expedited deliveries. The popular pet store offers on-demand and same-day delivery at over 1,400 locations. Since the beginning of COVID-19, there has been an increase in demand for pet products, and now PetSmart is making it even easier to purchase food, products, and gifts for your furry friends.


Amazon Black Friday Starts Sooner Than Ever

This year has caused Amazon to make several changes to its schedule. Prime day, which usually takes place in July, has been pushed to October 13th. The online marketplace has also announced its Black Friday sale will begin on October 26th. Luckily for you, it’s not too late to sign up and sell with these deals. Amazon isn’t the only company hosting early Black Friday sales, we may see some other big retailers begin their events at the end of the month.


Google Shops and Maps

Google announced that it will update its shop feature with a map-like interface. Consumers will be able to view a product and see exactly where it is. Similar to searching for “a nearby restaurant,” shoppers can find their desired product and determine what steps to take from there. Meaning, buyers can either decide to commute and pick up a product or have it delivered depending on its proximity to them.


eBay Strays Away From USPS

In previous years, eBay has been one of USPS’s biggest customers, but that partnership may be in trouble. This year has been especially difficult for shipping carriers, but USPS has been hit hard. Between COVID-19, political powers, and even a $9 billion loss last year, USPS is having a rough time catching up. It’s so bad, the company is imposing holiday surcharges, for the first time ever! Ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are making changes to avoid any more delivery issues. eBay’s recent shift from USPS to UPS reflects the hardships of shipping in the world today.


This month’s Ecommerce Lately marks the beginning of Q4. It’s the time when, as an online merchant, you can increase your sales significantly. 2020 may be one of the busiest holiday seasons to date. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are certainly ready for the influx of traffic, are you?

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