ecommerce lately september 2021Summer is coming to an end, which means the busiest shopping season is arriving soon. Fall and winter can be extremely lucrative for online sellers. It’s the start of holiday shopping, and many brands are anticipating many in-store sales as well as online. Although companies like Amazon can’t take advantage of this recent trend, others like Walmart plan to use its bricks-and-mortar stores to attract those looking for an in-store experience.

Read this month’s issue of Ecommerce Lately and find out what recent developments you should keep an eye on.


Ecommerce Popularity Is Not Synonymous with Work-From-Home Changes 

During the pandemic lockdown, millions of people adapted to working from home. It was inferred that this also caused ecommerce demand to rise. Now that COVID mandates have been lifted, in-store shopping is increasing – about 48%. Despite many first assumptions that this would affect ecommerce traffic, it has remained unchanged.


Amazon Gives Returned Products a Second Life

It’s estimated that retailers lose over $600 billion annually in returns. A chunk of that can be attributed to items that must be discarded. Amazon has recently tackled this issue with two new programs: FBA Liquidations and FBA Grade and Resell. The company hopes that this approach will help reduce waste in the ecommerce industry. FBA liquidations allows users to recoup losses on returns or overstocked items while FBA Grade and Resell gives sellers the option to list products as “Used” on its platform. Will you be taking advantage of Amazon’s new programs? Let us know in the comments.


Walmart Ecommerce Has Plateaued

Since the beginning of COVID, Walmart ecommerce has seen a dramatic increase. The company’s online sales grew almost 100% from 2019 to 2020. Now that shoppers are starting to make purchases from its physical stores, Walmart ecommerce hasn’t seen much of a change. With a strong back-to-school shopping season and grocery sales, Walmart reported a 5.3% increase compared to last year. The company hopes to see even more progress throughout the holidays.


Walmart Offers Local Delivery Program 

Local businesses are all the rage right now. You see “Shop Local” all over social media, and for good reason, local SMBs need attention too. Ironically, big-box retailer, Walmart, is offering sellers a chance to use it program called GoLocal. The company states the program will “[help] businesses of all sizes bring their products closer to their customers’ doorsteps.” With the holiday shopping season coming up, shipping will become more difficult for local companies, so this program could offer some much-needed assistance.


The Truth Behind Social Media Selling

It’s a fact that millions of people not only use social media to connect with friends around the world but also brands. And with such a large audience, it’s almost essential that your business has its own profile. The most popular social platforms are using this trend to take interactions to the next level with social commerce. For example, Facebook and Instagram recently developed their own Shop feature, allowing businesses to sell products right from the platform. But what’s the truth behind social media selling? A recent survey conducted by Constant Contact shows that only 20% of consumers are likely to buy from social media sites, compared to 34% with email marketing. What method will you choose when selling online? Let us know in the comments.


It seems like ecommerce is having some ups and, well, plateaus. And while experts predict that the industry will only continue to rise, at this time, more shoppers want to have an in-person shopping experience. Some online sellers may feel this will affect them, but like all trends, it is subject to change. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for multichannel sellers with an online store complimenting their brick-and-mortar locations.

No matter how the retail industry changes, or which trends are set, you can count on ecomdash to keep you informed. Check back with us every month for ecommerce news and updates. You can also review past ecommerce lately publications in our blog!


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