3dcart listing software
As you may know from our 2015 Product Development Roadmap, we’ve been busy building out product listing functionality for each of our integrated marketplaces and shopping cart providers. Earlier this year, development for our in-suite listing tool was completed for both Shopify and GunBroker.com. Bigcommerce development began in March and will be released for public use soon. Up next, 3dcart. After that, Magento, then after that…Vend POS systems!

With the listing tool for 3dcart, you can

  • Set customizable product descriptions for each product.
  • Easily upload as many images as 3dcart allows per product listing.
  • Quickly manage current listings and make changes to title, description, price and more.
  • Create listings in bulk.
  • Bulk upload images.
  • Set additional attributes and descriptions for your products.
  • Perform efficient searches with upgraded filters that help you weed through and find which products are not yet listed on each of your sales channels.
  • Easily add a new product line, transfer products from your 3dcart site to another sales channel, and add a new 3dcart website.

Listing functionality for 3dcart will be available on the preview site of our new user interface. Since each shopping cart and marketplace listing requirements are a little different, functionality will be specific to each shopping cart or marketplace’s specific policies and needs. So our listing tool for 3dcart may not operate in exactly the same manner as it will for Bigcommerce or others. Using our listing software will simplify and speed up the list-for-sale process, and help you manage product listings with greater control and efficiency.

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