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The world of ecommerce is always changing. From new marketplaces to sell on to seller requirement changes for existing marketplaces to various law changes for sellers to abide by, it can be difficult to stay on top of it all. Our ecommerce news section below includes topics ranging from IPO announcements to new marketplace tools. It is important for sellers like you to stay up-to-date on these changes and how they affect your business and your bottom line.

Alibaba is Caught Red-Handed with Counterfeits

Alibaba came under fire when the Chinese Government released a report claiming the ecommerce giant wasn’t doing enough to keep fake and counterfeit goods off of their Taobao marketplace. Though Alibaba insists the findings are news to them, the government agency argues that these reports were discussed with Alibaba’s leadership as early as June of last year.

Etsy in the News | February 2015

Amid the rumors of Etsy’s IPO, there is also speculation of a potential lawsuit from the management of singer/songwriter Beyoncé over the sale of mugs that parody her name. Despite the fact that Etsy does not require permission from its shop owners to list items, Etsy has pulled all of the mugs in question, and is awaiting further action. Read this and other Etsy headlines in our Etsy in the News series.

A $300 Million IPO Could Be Etsy’s Next Big Move

The handmade ecommerce marketplace Etsy will likely debut an initial public offering this quarter. Rumored to be looking to raise $300 million, Etsy’s IPO will be the first public offering of a New York based tech company since the dot-com boom, and the Big Apple feels more than ready to show Silicon Valley they’re in this game too. Read more

Intel Makes $300 MM Promise For More Diversity In The Workplace

Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich made a big promise at the 2015 CES to invest $300 million dollars towards developing a truly diverse workforce. It’s not just a stunt – Krzanich says that by 2020, Intel will have an equally represented workforce. True to his engineering roots, he promises to document everything, and be very transparent about the company’s progress.

Amazon in the News

Amazon is kicking off 2015 in a big way. First it was their Golden Globe wins, new homepage designs, and now an ad campaign that is so unexpected, it just might work. Get the latest headlines from Amazon, eBay and more from our “In The News” series.

Etsy in the News

Etsy’s longtime chairman steps down to pursue other interests, a brand new marketplace concept to connect Etsy designers with big brand department stores and other Etsy news you can’t miss.

eBay News and Recent Headlines

Read the latest eBay news and headlines from this month to find out what the major marketplace has been up to. Were your stores impacted by these changes?

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