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Order tracking with ecomdash will remove the pressure on online retailers to constantly monitor, forward, and count their orders. A lush suite of integrations and flexible functionality will have your business running easier, more efficient, and more profitable than ever.

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Order Tracking Software You Can Count On

  • Ecomdash has a huge list of integrations. This includes your favorite marketplaces, shopping carts, and more. No more logging into five or six different websites to manage your ecommerce orders. We’ve got it covered.
  • We’ll scan your integrations looking for new orders every couple of minutes. When we find them, we’ll update your inventory across channels automatically. See for yourself how ecomdash makes your business scalable, saves you money, and helps you earn bigger profits.
  • Refunds and cancelled orders can all be handled from within ecomdash. And yes, we’ll update your stock quantities as well. Automated and accurate inventory management means way less stock outs, oversells, and other inventory hiccups that cost you money.
  • Automatically route your sales orders to your dropshippers, suppliers, or other fulfillment methods. Do you use Amazon FBA? Prioritize your fulfillment methods and fulfillment preferences at the product level for even more accurate order tracking.
  • Our open API will allow you to build all sorts of customer integrations to 3PL services, non-integrated marketplaces, and suppliers. Ecomdash stays flexible and responsive to your unique needs as a business.

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A Multi-Pronged Approach to Order Tracking

Here are the three biggest ways ecommerce order tracking software helps you make more money.

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