ecommerce product pages best practices

So many elements go in to running a successful ecommerce business -first there’s sourcing or manufacturing the product, then figuring out how and where you want to sell it.

If you determine that your product will sell best by having its own website, then some of the critical areas to focus on are layout, design, text and functionality of each product’s web page. Once a customer comes this far, they are seriously considering purchase.

However, there is still work to be done to ensure follow through, and you don’t fall prey to shopping cart abandonment. Use these guidelines to get your ecommerce product pages in tip-top shape, and encourage customers to click “buy.”


1. Design

  • Consider colors and themes that exude quality – think of what resonates with your buyer’s typical behavior.
  • Make sure your product pages are cohesive with the rest of your site. Is it a similar theme/color scheme?
  • How is the user experience – are product details easy to read? Are price, sizing and shipping guidelines easy to find?


2. Pictures

  • Take well lit photos. This can be accomplished with a light box.
  • Format a clear, white background to contrast quality, colorful product images.
  • Take multiple pictures that show all angles and product details.
  • Make sure your images are large, crisp, high quality photos. Here are a few other easy product photo tips.


3. Descriptions

  • Should be very detailed – include dimensions, sizing guide, why it’s special (this will help justify pricing, if it is more expensive than your competitors).
  • What else about your item sets it apart from comparable products?
  • Consider including details that could help build customer loyalty. Some companies that sell Fair Trade items will include information about the artisan and/or village that created the product. This pays homage to these crafters, and creates trust between you and your customers.


4. CTAs (Calls To Action)

  • Make sure they are clear – are they large? Does the color or font stand out? Is it placed somewhere where the customer’s eye may naturally fall?
  • Some CTAs to consider working on are “Add To Cart,” “Talk To US” and “Help.”


5. Overall

  • Product pages should reflect the spirit of your company-
    • If your brand is fun and youthful, do you have “happy” colors, a playful font and friendly text?
    • If your brand is upscale and expensive, is your color scheme modern with white and grey hues?
    • In a nutshell – color matters.
  • Set your company and products apart from competitors with great , informative and interesting product descriptions.
  • Always keep the customer experience in mind, and design around what is easiest for them and where will they look first.

Here is a great example of a well thought out product page, courtesy of our friends at

ecommerce product page best practices ecommerce product page best practices


Are you confident about your product pages? Tell us about your thought process and ecommerce product page best practices in the comments.

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