ecommerce product photo mistakes

In a perfect world, businesses would be sure to have the products on their site perfectly displayed with a high quality image. But, too often, that is not the case.

Presenting high quality photos on your website not only makes your site aesthetically pleasing, but it demonstrates a level of professionalism to customers that will make them trust your site more.

When you gain the trust of customers, you win better sales. Here are the common mistakes retailers make when taking product photos for their site. Are you guilty of any of these?


Mistake #1: Photo’s that are too dark or too light

Let’s say you have taken a picture that you are proud of. Your photo displays everything you want a potential buyer to notice, but there is one problem – the picture is too dark (or too light), and customers are unable to see all of the detail of the item.

When it comes to photography, balance is key. If you are looking to edit your own photos here are some tips on how to fix your dark or light photography.


Mistake #2: Busy, distracting backgrounds

Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces prevent their merchants from using photos that have a background other than white or light grey, and with good reason. While you may want to make your pictures look complex and creative, the actual product might take a backseat to the background. This could possibly confuse buyers or bring their attention to something that is not for sale.

Sticking to a plain white background would be your best bet. Here are some tips to achieve an all-white background.


Mistake #3: Forgetting the details

A lot of our readers are craftsmen or designers. Others sell unique, vintage items with a lot of character. It would be a missed opportunity to not show all of the tiny details.

Using a macro lens allows you to focus on very small details and the character of your item. Macro lenses are often hardwired into a camera, but you can also make a DIY lens for your smartphone.


Mistake #4: Showing only one angle of a product

75% of customers rely on a high quality photo when looking to purchase a product. With such a large percentage of customers looking at photos to make a purchasing decision, it can be very frustrating to only see one angle of a product.

A prospective customer will try to imagine themselves with your product, and can’t do so with only one image to go off of. Having photos from multiple angles can really make or break a sale.


Now that you know the common product photography mistakes ecommerce businesses make, you can resolve any blunders you are guilty of and display professional, better converting pictures. Great product photos could mean the difference from having mediocre sales and excellent sales with loyal, trusting customers. Remember – a picture is worth a thousand words!

Need more help? Here are a few easy photography tips to try.

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