ecommerce product sourcing strategies

Ecommerce Product Sourcing Strategies for Every Business Model

What will you learn in this guide?

5 most commons methods of product sourcing

How to find the best suppliers for dropshippers

How to source products for a white label or private label business

How to negotiate the best deals from suppliers

How to turn a craft skill into a profitable business model

How to find a steady-flow of second-hand products

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In many ways, product sourcing — or product procurement — is the art of ecommerce. It’s where skill and talent come together for online (and offline) retail; a large part of why one company may succeed and another can fail even though they sell the same products at the same price. When done right, it makes customers wonder “how can they sell this for so low and still make a profit?”

But like any other skill, you’ll perform better with proper training and instruction. In this series, we cover the best and most practical advice on product sourcing for the 8 most common business models.

Chapter 1: Commons Methods of Product Sourcing

No matter which product sourcing method you prefer, it’s important to know every approach at your disposal in case one might be better.

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Chapter 2: Best Dropshipping Product Sourcing Strategies

For dropshippers, your suppliers are also your business partners, so choose them wisely. Here’s the best advice for product sourcing in dropshipping.

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Chapter 3: Best Retail Arbitrage Product Sourcing Strategies

What are the best places to find discounted items for reselling online? Here we give a complete guide on product sourcing for retail arbitrage ecommerce.

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Chapter 4: Product Sourcing Strategies for White Labels and Private Labels

What’s the difference between white label and private label products? What’s the best product sourcing strategies for each? We explain everything here.

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Chapter 5: Best Wholesale Product Sourcing Strategies

Buying in bulk from wholesale suppliers cuts costs for retailers, but is it that easy? Here we explain the best product sourcing strategies for wholesale.

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Chapter 6: Best Liquidation Product Sourcing Strategies

Liquidation can give online retailers some of the best deals around. But where do you find liquidators for product sourcing? Here’s the advice from the experts.

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Chapter 7: Ecommerce Product Sourcing Strategies for Artisans

Artisans don’t worry about product sourcing as much as acquiring materials to make handmade products. Here are the best strategies for cutting costs on raw materials.

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Chapter 8: The Best Subscription Box Product Sourcing Strategies

Product sourcing for subscription boxes follows its own set of rules — you decide what your customers receive, not them. Here’s how to find the best items.

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Chapter 9: Used Product Sourcing Strategies For Online Selling

Why can’t thrift stores be online, too? If you want to sell second-hand goods, read this guide on the best product sourcing strategies.

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Chapter 10: Ecommerce Product Sourcing Checklist

Think you found the perfect item for your ecommerce store? Think again. Read our product sourcing checklist for any business model.

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