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Use ecomdash for your product tracking needs and stop sweating over how to accurately monitor and track product movement, inventory, purchase orders, and sales. Our expansive suite of integrations and impressive list of features will make your business more efficient, less wasteful, and more profitable.

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Product Tracking with Features That Impress

  • Ecomdash integrates with your seller tools to save you time and make you more money. No more having to log in and out of a bunch of different websites. Everything you need for product tracking is now in one place.
  • We become master of your inventory. From purchase orders to sales to fulfillment, we keep your quantity-on-hand updated across your channels. Product tracking is automatic with inventory syncing in ecomdash. Stock outs, oversells, and human error is dramatically reduced. You’ll see the results in your bottom line.
  • Route sales orders directly to your dropshipper, supplier, or third-party fulfillment center. We’ll update your quantity across your channels to assure that your products are tracked accurately. We’ll even send your customers a tracking number for even more convenience.
  • Moving products from one warehouse to another? How about moving products to Amazon FBA or another fulfillment center? We’ll make the item temporarily unavailable on your channels to prevent oversells. When the item arrives, we’ll automatically make the listing live again. Never get confused about the availability of your products again.

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Product Tracking from Beginning to End

Starting from the moment you place the purchase order to when the product ends up in the hands of your customer, our ecommerce product tracking software is backing you up every step of the way.

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