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Our online sales reporting system will save you hours of time. Make informed decisions with over 40 different business health reports.

ecommerce reporting software

Make Smarter Decisions With Better Data

Once you’ve integrated sales channels such as Amazon and eBay, we’ll use your collected data to produce different business reports accessible whenever you need them.

Inventory Valuation

Inventory Valuation

Quickly track the cost associated with your current inventory in ecomdash

Forecast Inventory Needs

Forecast Inventory Needs

Determine when you should purchase more products and how much you should order.

Cost of Goods Sold

Cost of Goods Sold

Easily calculate cost of goods sold for business tax returns and to accurately price products.

Manage Orders Across All Your Platforms

Our multichannel ecommerce platform connects with all the major platforms. You can connect to an unlimited number of sales channels, and we’ll update your product quantities 24/7.

Monitor Sales Trends

Analyze data across all your sales channels and suppliers. Take all your sales orders on each marketplace or webstore and create various reports.

  • Find your best sales channels and top-selling products
  • Identify sales trends and any poor performing items
  • Perfect for sharing with key stakeholders or determining next product investment
monitor sales trends

Optimize Inventory Planning

Better manage your inventory and make data-driven decisions with our inventory reports.

  • Determine the value of your inventory by warehouse
  • Monitor inventory levels and analyze inventory movement
  • Calculate total revenue and costs to diagnose the business health
  • View various components and raw materials that make up bundles and assembled products
optimize inventory planning

Simplify Taxes

Make taxes less painful with our ecommerce reporting tool. Save time and quickly pull reports that show your profit margins by sales order, EOY profitability summary, EOY inventory valuation, sales taxes by SKU or sales order, cost of goods sold, quarterly sales revenue, and more.

simplify taxes
Ecommerce Tips

Ecommerce Tips

Check out our list of the top 5 inventory reports you need to maintain a successful ecommerce business.

Unlimited Support

Great Support

Our friendly support team is available to assist with any reporting questions.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Need a custom report? We offer professional services to customize ecomdash to fit your business.

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