ecommerce shipping suppliesShipping supplies are rarely the first thing you think about when starting an ecommerce store. However, the way your packaging looks and the unboxing experience are important elements of a successful online business. Shipping products to customers is the final step of the ecommerce journey, so you better make it count! Here’s how to make sure you’re doing ecommerce shipping the right way.


Boxes and Packaging

The types of boxes you use will depend on the type of merchandise you’re selling. Obviously, the boxes you use should match the size of the products you’re shipping. If you sell items of many different shapes, you‘ll need to keep an array of boxes on hand.

For online shops selling smaller items, like handmade jewelry, bubble mailers are preferred. Bubble mailers are small envelopes padded with a layer of bubble wrap on their interior. They often come in different colors, which gives sellers a chance to customize their packaging. No matter what type of packaging you decide to use, make sure it’s the proper size for the products being shipped. Otherwise, products may become damaged in transit. Additionally, bigger boxes typically cost more to ship, so using an appropriate size can save you money.


Inside Your Packaging

The packaging inside your boxes should protect the product being shipped. Consider shipping small items inside a clear plastic bag or sleeve. This ensures no dust or debris will dirty your product on its way to the customer and will also protect anything that could potentially get scratched in transit. Next, you’ll need to come up with a filler that can go in your box to pad the products inside for better protection.

There are lots of different fillers to choose from, so do your research before making a decision. Packing paper is a great minimalist option and is ideal for wrapping products. Box inserts are pricier as they have to be custom made, however they may be ideal for boxes with multiple products that are fragile.

For products that don’t need as much padding, think about adding customized tissue paper. While it may not offer the best protection, customized tissue paper looks professional and can heighten the unboxing experience.

Bubble wrap provides products with an ideal amount of padding and can typically be obtained on a tighter budget than other shipping options – not to mention it’s way more fun to play with. Shredded cardboard is another great option for those trying to give their product packaging a more natural appearance.

Try to avoid using air pillows as they’re detrimental to the environment. However, if air pillows are what your heart is set on, you can find brands that make them from a biodegradable plant-based polymer.


Other Shipping Needs

With the basics of packing containers and filler out of the way, the more personalized aspects of your shipping process and style can be addressed. Before sealing up your packages, think about any other goodies you may want to add to your customer’s order.

Consider adding personalized stickers in your packages. These stickers should fit with your brand’s overall look and theme. Bonus points if you get your own logo printed onto them.

For large orders or new ecommerce sellers, consider including a thank-you note. It’s a great way to personally interact with your customers and make them feel important. It’s also a good idea to add a business card or two in each package so customers can share your information with their friends and family.

There are also a number of ways you can customize the outside of your packaging. Take packaging to the next level by investing in a custom-made stamp with your logo. Press the stamp on the side of your package to help it stand out.

For sellers who want to take advantage of what the web has to offer, there are shipping software options available through ecomdash to print packing slips and shipping labels, as well as postage options.


Final Thoughts

Before diving too deep into specific shipping supply brands, measurements, or material, online retailers and ecommerce businesses should familiarize themselves with possible shipping mistakes.

Proper packaging and shipping practices are vital to a successful online business. The packaging gives your customer a first impression of the products they receive, as well as a fun unboxing experience. The effort you put in can make the difference between gaining and losing a repeat customer.


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