smart watchesAmidst the buzz surrounding Apple’s shiny new gadget, the Apple Watch, Amazon is making plans to jump on the Apple train and create an app for Apple’s latest toy. Though Amazon is not among the first applications introduced to the device, the ecommerce shopping giant is rumored to be working on an Apple Watch compatible version of its mobile shopping app right now.

Amazon already has a functioning mobile shopping app on Android’s smartwatch (Android Wear). Today, the app allows consumers to shop for products and “buy them from their wrist using Amazon’s 1-click ordering system.” On Android Wear, shoppers are able to complete certain tasks, such as searching the Amazon marketplace for an item, with their voice. Much of the functionality available on Amazon’s desktop version translates to Android Wear’s Amazon app, and buyers can save products to wish lists and check out quickly like they would on any other device. Given that Amazon generally releases some version of its shopping app on any legitimate connected platform (i.e. smartphones and tablets), it’s natural that Amazon leadership would want similar (or maybe even better) functionality for the Apple Watch.

Apple’s smartwatch debuts in April, and will have a grand total of 38 designs for buyers to choose from. Costs vary greatly, from $350 for the more basic Sport Edition to a staggering $17,000 for the gold Apple Watch Edition. Though $350 may not sound very “basic” to you, the consumers of this type of technology, whether they chose the more frugal Sport Edition or shell out a year’s worth of college tuition for the gold model, are the class of buyers who are likely very comfortable spending $99 a year on Amazon Prime. Prime members spend roughly $1,500 per year, so the ease and simplicity of shopping from your wrist probably sounds like a good deal – even if it may cost up to $17k to do so. From Amazon’s standpoint, getting its app on the Apple Watch is a smart play that makes plenty of business sense.

For me though, I’ll stick to shopping from my smartphone, which will likely be outdated by a shiny new version in six months anyway.

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