Getting your ecommerce business off the ground takes a lot of work, and is a huge investment. More than just the hours your pour into running a company, you spend money on advertising to help get your business in front of the right audience. What if you’re not paying for the right exposure, though? Is it possible you’re advertising in the wrong places?

Perry Marshal, co-author of Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords, explains in this video and the accompanying article how businesses can tell if they should advertise on Google or Facebook. Both are effective, given that your target audience is looking for similar providers on each respective site. But before you invest in an expensive advertising campaign, figure out which will bring you better results – Google or Facebook. To simplify this process, Perry asks the question, is your business talked about in the yellow pages or a coffee shop?

Though we absolutely believe in ecommerce small business advertising and that you should utilize Facebook for social purposes to interact with your audience, every company may not benefit from paid Facebook advertisements. Perry suggests business take this short quiz to determine if they should invest in Facebook advertising or not. Go ahead and take it, and let us know in the comments if the results surprised you!

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