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Meet The Team: Laura

For this week’s Meet The Team post, we’d like to introduce you to a team member that has been on board with ecomdash since the very beginning. She’s been integral in getting our online presence started, and has lead us in marketing (as well as hosted some great company parties). Meet the effervescent Laura!

laura greeno

Occupation: VP of Marketing

Forte @ ecomdash: Digital Marketing

Song she requests to play in the office: Ideally, Laura would like to play Jack White’s version of Jolene by Dolly Parton – but realistically, the Float On by Modest Mouse “radio” from Pandora seems to work nicely for the whole group (she’s considerate for sure).

If she could have any super power, it would be:  She already has super-smelling powers.

What she brings to parties: Her husband Eric, who she says “is basically in charge of my entire social life right now.”

If she could sit next to anyone at dinner, it would be: Ralph Waldo Emerson (cool choice!).

She is famous in the ecomdash office for: Laura didn’t know how to answer this, so I’m going to say always being positive and considerate. She takes the time to engage with each of us in the office, which really helps us feel part of the team. I think everyone would agree with me!

Celebrity doppelgänger:​ ​Laura wants to mix Sharon Stone and “Blossom” at age 14? She sent me this picture for reference:

We love that she sent us this picture. It’s very thorough.

You can learn more about Laura and why she’s so important to ecomdash in her company bio. We’re so lucky to have her on board, and so thankful to have such a dynamic team! To read more about our other teammates, click the suggested posts below. Stay tuned to learn more about the ecom-fam in the following weeks!

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