As we continuously improve our software, we’ve added new reports to provide customers with real time data into the health of their business. New reports include a restock forecast report, to help sellers make reorder estimations. There are a few others that will help sellers during everyone’s favorite time of the year. No, not the holidays. Tax season.

As you sell online or in stores, ecomdash collects sales information to automatically update inventory quantities and simplify fulfillment. While the ecommerce inventory software is at work, it’s also storing data that you will need to file Quarterly and End of Year tax reports. Every ecommerce seller must make a quarterly tax payment, and the amount you owe depends on your state tax and profitability. Below are a few new reports we offer to help you find the variables needed to determine what you owe, and organize all information in an easy to read report.

EOY Inventory Valuation: Shows the valuation based on fixed cost for January 1, 2015 and for December 31, 2015. Also shows count of products with cost set and count of products without cost set.


EOY Profitability Summary: Shows the number of items sold, cost of items sold, line item totals, total taxes, total shipping collected, total discounts, other costs, and total amount of revenue for the year of 2015.


State Tax by Order: Displays all the information needed to find state tax rates at the Order level. Given a start and end date, it returns the order, state name, tax and total to the user.


State Tax by SKU: Displays all the information needed to find state tax rates. Given a start and end date, it returns the SKU, state name, price and quantity to the user.


Try ecomdash out, and the automation tool will start saving your state sales tax information, revenue, product costs and more, so that when it comes time to file your taxes, the data is waiting for you in a clean, easy to read report. Sign up for a free 15 day trial.

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