Shipping and Fulfillment

In today’s world with Amazon’s 2-day shipping standard, small retailers can barely meet customer expectations. Shipping delays and inaccuracies is one of the top reasons for poor seller ratings. Having a good shipping strategy ensures your customer receives their purchase in a timely manner. You must make your shipping strategy a priority. Use these shipping and fulfillment tips below. From a strategy to deal with rising shipping costs to packaging ideas, we have everything you need for a more efficient shipping operation.

5 Benefits of USPS SCAN Forms for Ecommerce Sellers

Incorporating a SCAN form can make your shipping processes faster and simpler. With delivery speed and experience being top reasons a customer makes future purchases, USPS SCAN forms may be worth researching.

What Ecommerce Retailers Need to Know about 4PLs

The ecommerce industry is full of jargon and acronyms that often need explaining, such as 4PL, which stands for 4th party logistics. If you are an online retailer and aren’t familiar with what a 4PL is and what it does, this article is for you. Read more.

How Much Does Outsourcing Fulfillment Cost?

There are countless order fulfillment options available. Finding one that is cost-effective and suitable for your business isn’t an easy feat. Check out this in-depth guide to determine how much outsourcing fulfillment can cost for your business. Read more.

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