ecommerce marketing ideasFinding the right marketing strategies for your ecommerce website can sometimes be more art than science. The approach that works for other sites may not be the right one for you, and vice versa. You’ll need to use the trial and error method to find what works best. You can employ a few of these ecommerce marketing tips to improve your chances of success.


#1 – Find Balance

Marketing for an ecommerce website is going to take a mix of strategies, so it’s important that you find the right balance. Pay-per-click advertising, social media, SEO, and email marketing are typically a great combination for online retailers, but there isn’t one formula that works for everyone. You have to try different marketing mixes to find the perfect formula for your store. Already have a strategy, but need to improve it? Try these strategies to refresh your ecommerce marketing strategy.


#2 – Vary Your Paid Advertising

Online advertising involves several different strategies that you can use for your website – search ads, retargeting, social ads, and much more. Just like tip #1, you should try different types of advertising to find the best combination for your website and adjust as needed.


#3 – Market to Current and Former Customers

Focusing on the shoppers who have previously visited your website is one of the best ecommerce marketing strategies. You already know they are interested in your products. Target them with advertising, email marketing, or offer deals or discounts to create loyal, returning customers.


#4 – Concentrate on Abandoned Carts

The goal of ecommerce marketing isn’t only about attracting people to your website, it’s also about getting people to buy something. You should really pay attention to the shoppers who visit, put products in their carts, and then leave your site without making a purchase. Look at your website’s analytics and focus on the abandoned shopping cart rate. It should always be a metric that you improve. Some processes to consider are simplifying checkout and improve your site load time.


#5 – Make Your Website Attractive

The look of your website can be a marketing tool all its own. If your site looks clean and professional, customers will be more likely to buy from you. If your site is antiquated, confusing, or cluttered, you will likely have a significant number of viewers click away without making a purchase. Improve your website conversion with these tips. You can also add a charity element to your website to increase conversions. 85% of customers have a more positive image of a brand when it supports a charity they care about.


#6 – Write Unique Product Descriptions

How you describe your products is important. You should tell your customers everything they need to know about the items, and more. Use your product listings to tell the story of your product, how it will benefit your customers, and what is unique about it. Don’t simply copy product descriptions from the manufacturers – your store get lost amongst all the others that sell the same products. Additionally, Google penalizes websites for using duplicate content. Write better product descriptions with these examples.


#7 – Take Unique Photos

Just like your product descriptions, your product photos need to show customers everything they need to know about your product. Take your own, unique photos rather than using manufacturers photos. Show every angle, scale, and all the important features that customers should see. Here are a few easy tips to take the perfect product photos.


#8 – Write Engaging Content

Many ecommerce retailers miss the boat on content marketing – especially those that are new to the industry. Even if you have a beautiful website, great products, and run advertising campaigns, you still need to create interesting and engaging copy for viewers to read. Consider starting a blog that talks about subjects relevant to your audience. It work wonders for increasing traffic and sales.


#9 Engage Customers in Discussions

Another great way to attract customers is with a forum or discussion board. Allowing your customers to talk about your products and offer advice can improve the customer experience and increase conversions. Word of mouth marketing generates 5x more sales than a paid media impression. It is also a great way to gather data for future product sourcing.


#10 – Use Social Media

Use social media as an alternative or an addition to a discussion area on your site. It makes it easy for customers to share and comment on your products. Also, adding share buttons on product listings can increase your online visibility when customers share your products on their own social media pages. Need ideas to use on social media? Check out our list of ecommerce social media marketing tips.


#11 – Request Reviews

Allowing customers to write reviews on your products helps other viewers make decisions about their purchases. Adding a review area to your website will also be helpful because you can learn what improvements or changes might need to be made.


#12 – Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

While there is a strong focus on using mobile applications as a marketing tool, you don’t necessarily have to create an app to have success with mobile users. If your website is responsive and works on a variety of different mobile devices, you don’t need an app unless you have something unique to offer with it. Optimize your ecommerce website for mobile with these 5 steps.


#13 – Use Multiple Platforms

If you have a successful ecommerce website that is performing well, you should consider adding some other platforms to make your business grow more. With ecommerce software solutions, you can easily add Amazon, eBay, and other platforms to your business without a lot of extra work.


Bonus Tip: Test Everything

The marketing strategies you choose for your ecommerce business will be a constant work in progress. In order to know what works for your business, you have to consistently test all marketing efforts and determine whether your strategy is worth the expenses. You must also stay vigilant and avoid making simple marketing mistakes, as it can cause you to lose precious time and money. Try new strategies, test them, and then make adjustments as needed. Focus on ecommerce marketing and you ‘ll have a successful enterprise.


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