Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for online sellers. It will help retailers  court their customers and increase potential of sales. Though the research that backs this is substantial, how do you know ecomdash’s tool will help you accomplish this?

Our email marketing feature helped Tom of Video Game Trader. Video Game Trader is a modern and retro video game retailer (he sells video games as far back as the original Atari 2600!). Co-owner Tom Sansone turned to ecomdash to sync inventory after trying or inquiring about nearly every tool on the market. Since using ecomdash, Tom tells us his eBay sales have increased 10 times over what they were before using our tool.

Video Game Trader recently started using ecomdash’s email marketing feature, which gives you the option to automatically sends emails to customers when an order is received and when it is shipped. Tom says in a short time, the feature made a huge impact, increasing his Amazon feedback from 96% to 100%. Tom tells us ecomdash is a perfect mix of price and features at a price his company can afford.

We’ve been thrilled by Tom’s success, and are humbled to have helped him along the way. We look forward to our continued partnership with Tom, and all our other customers. At ecomdash, we truly enjoy helping our customers grow and scale their businesses.

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