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Would You Rather: Etsy Purist or Wholesale Millionaire?

Since its inception, Etsy has been the home of many shop owners who thoughtfully and painstakingly create their own goods by hand. Though these DIY artisans represent the original allure of Etsy – a hub of creative crafters making things from scratch – Etsy is now evolving its marketplace and allowing retailers to sell wholesale, manufactured goods.

Some shop owners may admonish the sale of goods dropshipped from overseas sites like AliExpress, but for Etsy’s #1 seller who grosses just under a million per year, wholesale goods have been a game changer. Read more.


Etsy CEO Takes the Wild Wild West Side of Net Neutrality

Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson took a clear stance on where he, and his company, stand in the Net Neutrality debate. Dickerson, a firm believer in access to internet remaining out of government control or interference, said that if the internet “hadn’t been so wide open to newcomers,” he likely wouldn’t be in the professional spaces he occupies today.

If the FCC approves new guidelines that restructure broadband as a utility, Etsy would be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Etsy would be left to decide whether to charge sellers more for their shops to be available on a fast server, or leave them behind in the “slow lane.” Neither are options Etsy is willing to accept. Read more.


Etsy – The 51st State of the 2016 Presidential Campaign Tour

Aside from parody merchandise with catch phrases associated with popular songstresses, Etsy is also becoming a hot bed of politically driven goods – most of which favor Hillary Clinton. Needlepoint art featuring Clinton’s unofficial campaign slogan (made famous by Tina Fey in a 2008 SNL skit) has become a hot seller in a number of shops. Given that 80% of Etsy shop owners are women, the growing popularity of Clinton goods could be general excitement over the possibility of a woman presidential candidate, and not necessarily an endorsement for Clinton.

Kristen Mayes, an Etsy shop owner who sells greeting cards that sometimes boast a love for Clinton, told Time Magazine that though she is a fan, she wouldn’t “support her without a degree of skepticism […] some policies I like, some I don’t like.” If Clinton does submit her candidacy in the 2016 presidential election, there will likely be a vast supply of unofficial campaign merchandise on Etsy. (Please note – this article is of interest because of its ties to Etsy. Ecomdash remains neutral and unaffiliated). Read more.


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