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The Etsy marketplace has made it easier than ever for artisans and crafters to profit from their creativity. But in order to be a successful Etsy seller, you have to do more than just setting up shop. You have to practice the entrepreneurial skills that all small business owners have to learn if you want to stand out from your competitors. So, we have put together a list of nine essential Etsy selling tips to help you make your business a hit.


Become a Part of the Community

The Etsy community is vast and it really is in your best interest to become a part of it. You can do that by participating in the site’s forums, providing feedback to other sellers, and reaching out to the owners of your favorite shops for advice. Often the viewers of the shops you love can become customers of your shop as you build your own customer base.


Post Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and even more on Etsy. Be sure that you are using quality, high-resolution photos that show your products professionally. Use different angles and depths to show the detail of your items. It’s always a good idea to post multiple images, with at least one showing the product in action. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer, but make sure that you use a good camera and that you are presenting your products in a good light.

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Know Your SEO

Many of your potential customers will come from internet searches. That means that you have to make sure that your Etsy shop is SEO-friendly, so your shop and your products rank near the top in web searches. Be sure to consider everything from your business name to your product titles and descriptions. Additionally, keeping your site updated and adding new content will also help optimize search results.


Start a Blog

Even if your products are unique, there will likely be other sellers that offer similar items. What will set yours apart relies on how you promote your shop beyond the Etsy website. Starting a blog where you share information about your products is one way that you can increase visibility apart from Etsy. Consider including details about yourself and your products (how they are manufactured, etc.), and be sure to use relevant keywords for SEO.


Provide the Best Customer Service

Another key aspect that can help set you apart from competitors is customer service. Shoppers are more likely to deal with shops where they receive great service. Reply quickly to questions and feedback, and respond favorably to your customers if any problems arise. Your best marketing will come from happy, satisfied customers that recommend your products to their friends.


Build Your Brand

Branding isn’t just about your shop and your product. It’s also about you. Making yourself a part of the Etsy community, having interesting, unique products, providing outstanding service, and establishing yourself as an expert through blogging are all ways that you establish your branding. To add to that, consider creating a distinctive logo for your shop, and then use it on your listings, ads, and packaging. This will help you establish trust and confidence with your customers, indicating the quality of your products and your brand.


Research Successful Etsy Sellers

Not only do you need to perform research about your particular product – to determine how it might sell, who your competition is, and how to price it appropriately – but you also need to take the time to research what other successful Etsy sellers are doing.

Take a look at the shops that you like and see frequently in the search results. Ask yourself, what are they doing right? What would you change to make it better? It’s not only about best practices though. It’s also about understanding how you’ll make your own mark with your brand and products.

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Market Your Brand on Social Media

Social media plays a huge part in today’s marketing strategies. Create profiles for your store on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the least, and on other social media networks if you use them and have the time to manage them. It increases your visibility and provides completely free marketing opportunities. You can promote your blog, your products, sales, and discounts – and it won’t cost anything more than your time.

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Be Creative with Packaging

Customers are always excited to receive their Etsy purchases, and you can make it even more exciting by providing creative, quality packaging. Not only will it delight your customers, it shows that you are professional and that you care and appreciate their business. Add some unexpected personality to your packaging – something beyond boxes and envelopes. The Etsy community is full of creative shoppers and sellers. Live up to and even exceed that through beautiful and creative packaging. With these Etsy selling tips, you’ll be the talk of the town with online shoppers.


Curious About Etsy Inventory Management?

If you’re concerned about managing inventory on Etsy, consider using an automated inventory management system like ecomdash. These types of tools will sync your Etsy store to your other ecommerce channels, ensuring sales are accurate and consolidated.  Use these Etsy selling tips and it will help your business soar this year.


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