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eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces to sell on. Even for veteran retailers, selling on eBay can be tricky. From writing optimal product listings to calculating associated fees, there are many elements that go into a successful ecommerce business. Without guidance, it is possible to get overwhelmed. That’s where seller tools come in. Designed to help you simplify your eBay business and streamline your operations, seller tools are great options for small business owners. Today, we will focus on the best free seller tools for eBay.


1. Watch Count

free ebay tools

Performing market research and understanding customer demand for products is important for product sourcing. On eBay, each item has a link called “Add to Watch List / Watch This Item” that sends buyers a reminder to bid and whether the item is sold. An item’s “watch count” is the number of times an item is added to a watch list. As a seller, the watch count is an effective way to gauge market demand. Use this tool to see which items are most popular, which listings are doing well, and what is popular in your industry.


2. Fat Fingers

favorite ebay seller tools

Ever made an embarrassing spelling error that you fear may have turned customers away? Fat Fingers is a spellcheck tool for your eBay listings. Use the advanced search options to narrow down your search and find your exact listings. It can be used as a preventative tool to make sure your listings and product descriptions are error-free.


3. Sales Report Plus

favorite ebay seller tools

Successful online retailers use data to make strategic business decisions. Sales Report Plus provides sales reports on seller fees, unpaid items, total sales, month-to-month sales growth, average sale price, and more. Using this tool will allow you to track your growth and ensure you are meeting your sales goals.


4. eBay and PayPal Fee Calculator

favorite ebay seller tools

It takes money to run a business, and if you sell on eBay, you’re already aware of their seller fees. This free calculator helps you add the total cost of each listing and determine what it will cost to list that product. This tool is helpful to budget for listings and determine how much your fees might be for that pay period. Being able to see your total cost of each listing, you can make more informed business decisions.


5. Selling Manager

favorite ebay seller tools

Save time and money by accurately managing your listings and sales orders in bulk. This free tool will allow you to track sales statuses, manage listings, and perform after-sale tasks such as leaving feedback and creating shipping labels.


We hope these tools provide some value for our eBay sellers. Whether you’re an ecommerce expert or new to the game, we love helping our customers achieve continued success. Selling on more than one channel? Sign up for our free trial, and easily manage your inventory and orders across multiple channels with our eBay inventory management software.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated in June 2017 to reflect more accurate and relevant information.


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