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There are many tools out there for online sellers –but between determining which are free v. paid, if it’s marketplace specific, and whether or not you need an engineering degree to figure out how to use it, it can get a little chaotic. That’s why we’ve begun compiling our favorite tools for Free Tool Monday. Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared free tools to help you with different elements of web design and development –icons for your site, photo editing tools, and how to get the domain name you want for your business. This week we want to discuss a few free tools for the online powerhouse eBay. Between fees, listing formats, and the user interface of the site itself, eBay definitely has some differences from rival Amazon. We put together the best free eBay tools for sellers to help them stay on budget, able to compete, and on top of sales.

EBay and PayPal fee calculator – It costs money to run a business, and if you sell on eBay, you’re already aware of seller fees. This free calculator helps you add up the cost of each listing, whether it’s a fixed listing or auction, and determine what it will cost to list that product. Use it to budget for listings and determine how much your fees might be for that pay period.

Listing Ticker – Have you ever wanted to share your eBay listings on your website or other social sites? Now you can. This tool creates simple yet detailed links to your listings that can live on your blog or site. If customers stumble upon your website (and you’re not selling directly on your site), they’ll be directed to your eBay store so they buy from you, and not your competitor.

Fat Fingers – Ever made an embarrassing spelling error that you fear may have turned customers away? Fat Fingers is a spellcheck tool for your eBay listings. Use the advanced search options to narrow down your search and find your exact listings. It was originally designed to operate like “Auction Bloopers,” but can be used as a preventative tool to make sure your listings and product descriptions are error-free.


We hope these tools provide some value for our eBay sellers. Looking to sell on eBay? Sign up for our free trial, and get your products listed and out the door with our multichannel inventory management tool. Whether you’re an ecommerce expert or new to the game, we love helping our customers achieve continued success.

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Tiana ByersOur Favorite Free Tools for eBay Sellers

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