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Amazon FBA Tools - Order Management SoftwareUpdate: Our entry price is now $50 a month and our FBA tool is now free.

You asked – we delivered (it’s ready now)! Despite it not being on our , ecomdash worked overtime, in addition to other development responsibilities, to create an “FBA Extra” – a new integration solution that offers multichannel order routing management for FBA – easily send non-Amazon sales orders to Amazon’s FBA warehouses for fulfillment. And for a limited time, you can try it at no extra cost for 3 months!

Ecomdash will identify FBA fulfilled orders and automate order routing to offer you greater control over each aspect of your ecommerce business. Here’s how we simplify the process:

  1. You select which product SKUs are fulfilled by Amazon at the product level – from any sales channel.
  2. As usual, ecomdash will pull in sales orders from your sales channels as they happen. Ecomdash will recognize which of these SKUs are Amazon fulfilled.
  3. Ecomdash will send the sales order to the FBA warehouse for fulfillment.
  4. Once the Amazon warehouse ships the item, ecomdash obtains tracking information, and sends it to the marketplace where that product was sold.

This FBA Extra is priced separately as an “add-on” that you have the option of purchasing for $20/mo if you are already an ecomdash customer. If you are not currently an ecomdash customer; yet are looking for an FBA solution, it is not currently sold separately. To use this order routing for FBA solution today, you will need to signup as an ecomdash customer ($49.99/mo) and select the FBA Extras add-on for $20/mo. So, your total price – whether you use all that ecomdash has to offer or just the FBA solution – will be $79.99/mo once you decide to become a customer.

In the future, we may choose to offer this solution completely separate from the current ecomdash software suite. For now, it’s only offered as an add-on even though you can choose to only use the FBA Extras solution(s) as needed for your individual business requirements. This first phase of our FBA Extras solution has focused on getting your multichannel sales orders to FBA automatically. The next phases are not currently scheduled for development, yet will include more automation around inventory syncing.

Keep an eye out for more to come around our FBA integration in the coming months, and sign up for a free 15 day trial to enjoy better control over your sales order routing to FBA!

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