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Our automated feed management system simplifies communication with dropshippers, suppliers, fulfillment centers, and 3rd party logistics centers (3PL).

Our inventory feed management system can import supplier’s inventory through an SFTP/FTP or HTTP location in CSV format.

Send supplier inventory to sales channels automatically.

With our inventory feed management system, you can import your supplier’s inventory through an SFTP/FTP or HTTP location in CSV or .TXT format with the following delimiters: comma, semicolon, tab, tilde, and pipe. You have the ability to determine time intervals for ecomdash to pull a new inventory feed and make quantity adjustments across your sales channels. Ecomdash will import the new inventory feed, adjust product quantities and sync the new balances automatically if you have the auto-sync feature turned on. Our ecommerce API allows you to build custom integrations to non-integrated marketplaces and 3PLs, making feed management faster, more accurate, and easier.

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Similar to how our inventory feed system works, ecomdash can easily handle the import and export of sales order feeds. Ecomdash will auto-import sales orders from your sales channels and consolidate them in our sales order module. If you work with a dropshipper, fulfillment center or 3PL, you can set up an auto-export of sales orders to be sent to these parties for fulfillment. Once you define the format of the files, ecomdash will auto-populate order files and send them to your 3PL or dropshipper. Once the order has been fulfilled, ecomdash will again communicate with your third-party provider to receive the shipping information. Ecomdash will then update the sales channel where the purchase was made with tracking info, and move the order to complete within the tool. You can access all your dropship orders via the ecomdash dropship module. Our feed management system sends order info via SFTP/FTP and Emails with a CSV or .TXT attachment.

Did you know: If you sell on a non-integrated sales channel, you can still set up a SFTP/FTP feed that sends sales order data to ecomdash.

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